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Episode 6


Flynn Vasilios P.O.V


I groaned internally as I tapped on the steering wheel of my Bugatti Veyron. I was already twenty minutes outside of the Peninsula, waiting for Zoe to come. Twenty minutes ago she told me she would be here in a minute, I still haven’t seen her coming out yet.


I know girls have this thing called ‘fashionably’ late, but Zoe is just terribly late by now. I sighed again and then rested my head on the leather seat of my car.


Ten minutes….Fifteen minutes….eighteen minutes….


Suddenly the door of my car opened and a blonde dressed in a stunning wine red dress stepped in.


“Zoe.” I breathed heavily, her look was definitely worth an hour of waiting.


She was gorgeous in her red dress, red heels, and red lipstick.


“You know gentlemen always come to the lobby to pick up their dates.” she said, raising her eyebrows up at me.


I scoffed. “Fuck that, You know I’m a beast.”


She laughed. “Honey…” she purred, “You’re a beast in bed, not when we go on dates.”


I turned on my car and started to drive. “Bed, dates, parties, same thing.”


Zoe rolled her eyes. “Anyways, the party is held at the GoldBar.”


We drove to the GoldBar in silence. I never tell Zoe about my life, my challenges, or my problems, because I know that once the media will lose interest in her, she will use those stories to become relevant again.


When we arrived at the GoldBar I saw a bunch of paparazzis. There was a huge sign in front that said: Kat Von D liquid lipstick launch party.


“We’re going to Kat’s launch party?” I asked bitterly.


I should have seen this coming, how can I forget that Kat and Zoe are best friends. I disliked Kat so much, that woman didn’t like me as how she likes my sister. She doesn’t approve that Zoe, her best friend, and I are just f**kbuddies and nothing else.


“Yes, we are and I know that you two are like fire and water, so pl—”


“You know and you still brought me here? Couldn’t you get another date?!”


“Hey!” she snapped. “Don’t yell at me, I’m sensitive.”


I scoffed. “Of course you are.”


“You still need to make up to me for what you did six years ago.”


“What did I do six years ago?” Who the hell remembered things that happened six bloody years ago?


She laughed evilly. “Oh so you don’t remember? That one night you ditched me at my own fashion show in Milan?”


I frowned at her. This chick is crazy. “I can’t remember that.” I lied.

Actually I can, I ditched her fashion show, because I saw her, the most beautiful girl that had ever walk this earth.


“Stop whining like a baby then and let’s go.” She stepped out of the car and I followed her.


I intertwined my fingers with hers and we walk towards the huge crowd of paparazzis.


“Look it’s Zoe Clayton and Flynn Vasilios.” “Zoe, smile!” “How was Brazil?” “Mr. Vasilios, where’s your baby?” “What happened with Bree Paloma?”


Questions and questions were fired at us. We walked as fast as we could to the entrance. The security guards recognized Zoe, so we could just walk in without showing our invitation card. When we were inside I let out a breath of relief.


“Why isn’t everyone looking at me?” was the first thing Zoe said as she looked around. Everyone was busy talking, no one noticing her. It was strange indeed. Never in the history that I’ve went out with Zoe, the whole room was calm and not paying attention at her. When Zoe enters a building, a party, or a bar, everyone is staring at her. Women that were envious of her beauty and men that were jealous of me.


“Zoe!” I heard Kat’s voice.


I cringed, that witch.


“Kat!” Zoe squealed in turn.


“You brought him.” Kat said contemptuous.


“Good evening to you too Kat.” I said with the fakest smile ever. She ignored me and turned her attention back to Zoe.


“Oh my god Zoe, you’re gorgeous but I have to tell you this.” Kat whispered something in Zoe’s ear and Zoe’s eyes turned wide of shock.


“No,no, no! This is a dress I brought from Dubai, how the hell can she have this?”


Kat shrugged. “Maybe she has someone in Dubai?”


“Flynn, we need to go home now!” Zoe whined as she tugged on my suit.


“What?!” I asked open-eyed. “I will not go home after I have waited one hour for you, let me drink my martini first.”


“You don’t know!” Zoe cried out and stomped with her foot. “Bella has the same dress as me!” she pointed towards one of the couches. I followed her finger and my eyes felt on three girls. Kendall, Gigi and Bella. She was right, Bella wore the exact same dress she was wearing.


“It’s not the end of the world, you look hotter in it.”


“Ugh!” she growled. “You’re a man, you don’t understand. This is a disaster ! Oh my god!” Zoe started hyperventilating.


“Calm down Zoe! Let me make a toast on my new lip stick and then you can go home.” Kat whispered as she stroke Zoe’s back gently.


“This is a nightmare! And why isn’t anyone noticing me? Am I invisible? Oh my god!”

Zoe was a drama queen and she was good in it too.

“Im sorry to tell you this, but there’s another girl who stole the spotlight, even from


And Kat was a terrible best friend, because instead of soothing Zoe, she made Zoe

hyperventilate more.

“W-w-what?!” Zoe stuttered. “Who’s that?”

Kat looked over at the bar. “The copywriter of Ximena Vasilios…What was her

name again? Janine or Jessica or something?”

I looked at the bar and there sat the most beautiful woman, I’ve ever saw. Zoe

has nothing on her. The mysterious woman, that clearly works for my sister, was

sitting and chatting with someone really familiar.

The familiar person staredat me and it was… Rodrigo?

Then she turned around and our eyes met.

It was her!

I didn’t know she worked as a copywriter for Ximena, I thought she was just an

assistant for my sister. Dammit ! I need to stop burying my head in between girl’s

thighs and actually go through the files my detective gave me about her.

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