Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Episode 41


Jill Malik P.O.V


My stomach clenched and my face turned white as chalk when I opened the envelope. My fingers were shaking and my whole body was trembling.


This can’t be true. It could not be true. He would never do that.


My eyes turned into a pool of tears as I stared at the pictures. The tears were running onto my cheeks, my hand instantly went to my heart and my stomach because they both hurt so bad from what I saw. It was like my worst nightmare came true. He said he loved me and I took him at his word. He said I was his soulmate, but here I am. Looking at pictures where he’s glued to another girl.


More specifically, the girlfriend of his business partner Mr. Quinn. How could he betray two people at once?


And the worse part. It was all on our engagement party.


Tears fell on the photographs. They were all polaroids. On each one of them there was a smiley, except for the last one. In the same cursive handwriting that was on the envelope there was written on the polaroid: ‘Hope you like your wedding gift! Kisses, Z.’


Who the hell was Z?


The pain I’m feeling in my chest right now is undescribable. It feels like my insides are being ripped apart. Staring at pictures of the person I love cheating on me, breaks my heart in tiny little pieces.


I threw the pictures on the table and I instantly broke down on the floor. The crying became louder, the pain became heavier, and my mind crazier. I was shaking uncontrollably on the floor surrounded by those god forsaken roses with those pictures, that ruined my life in one second.


How could this happen? Wasn’t he happy? We were about to get married, would he even tell me about it? So many questions, no answer.


I stared at the floor. The pain in my chest didn’t become any lighter. I tried to stop crying, to stop my tears from flowing down my cheeks.


But I couldn’t.


This wasn’t eve close from what I felt when I broke up with Mateo. This was far more worse. I couldn’t feel myself anymore. I couldn’t hear the beating of my heart anymore.


This heartbreak is killing me, but at the same time it’s keeping me alive. It only brings more tears to my eyes when I think about Flynn. The things he had done for me, our happy moments. He’s everything I ever wanted and I will never stop loving him. Was everything he said a lie?


Even though he cheated on me, he’s like a drug I’m addicted to. He’s going to be the ex I cannot forget. And it’s killing me.


I don’t want to break up with him. Oh god, I don’t. I just want to try again, get answers from him. Hear his side of the story. Part of me wished this was just a prank, a lie. But pictures don’t lie, especially not polaroid. I want to give him a chance, a chance to start again.


But there’s just this much that I can take. And right now, the only thing to do, is distance myself from him.

I’ll runaway from my own wedding.


Far away, where he can’t find me.


I don’t need his sweet words, his gentle touch, and his pleading eyes. I need space. I need time to heal myself, to pick up the broken pieces.


I don’t want to hear his sorry’s and his pudding’s. I want him to realize that he needs to appreciate what he has before it’s gone. But it’s too late now.


And it hurts.


It hurts me so much to let him go. It hurts what he has done to me. I closed my eyes and the memories of us replayed in my head.


My crying turned into sobbing and my voice was raw. With trembling fingers I grabbed my phone and called the only person who could help me. The only person who could help me escape this nightmare.


“Hello?” he answered.


I cried when I heard his voice. “C..Can I come with you?”

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