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Episode 4


“Are you sure this is it?” I asked looking at Baxter with wide eyes.


“Yes Miss Malik, this is the GoldBar.”


I looked back outside. It was crowded with paparazzis. How am I going to get through that without tripping or being pushed?


“I will escort you to the main entrance, don’t worry.” Baxter said when he saw the terrified look on my face.


I let out a breath of relief. Good, because I don’t think I would be able to walk in five inch heels through that crowd of paparazzis.


Baxter opened the door for me and that’s when I heard paparazzi shouting: “Is that Zoe Clayton?! Zoe!”


Baxter held me firmly on my waist as we work a way through the crowd. I held my head down due the flashes of the cameras. “It’s not Zoe guys!” I heard someone yell. “If it’s not Zoe, who is she?”


“Wow she’s pretty!”


“That’s Ximena Vasilios personal driver.”


“Do you have your invitation card Miss?” Baxter asked as we were approaching the entrance. I nodded, I was holding it in my hand.


Suddenly Baxter let go of me. “I can’t go further than here, have a great night Miss Malik, give me a call when you’re ready to go home.”


I nodded, Baxter had put in his number in my cell phone on our way here. I walked to the two security guards who were standing in front of the entrance. I showed them my invitation card, they nodded and opened the door for me to enter.


The entire room was filled with women in designer dresses and men in suits. Music was playing softly as I tried to make a way through the crowd searching for Kat Von D. I have to admit, this woman has a really great party planner. The liquid lipsticks Kat Von D will launch today are mostly yellowish and gold-ish. This whole venue just add more power to the liquid lipsticks.


The GoldBar was entirely gold, except for the couches on the side that were black. There were huge golden chandeliers on the ceiling providing just enough light to see everyone.


“So who are you, stealing the spotlight from my own party.” a familiar voice said behind me. I turned around seeing Kat von d in a elegant black dress from her own clothing line.


“Good evening Kat, I’m Jill Malik, I work for Ximena Vasilios, sadly she can’t be here tonight.”


Kat rose her eyebrows. “I heard, she went to Paris with her boyfriend, are you her personal assistant?”


I shook my head. “No, I’m her copywriter.”


“Ah,” Kat said, “So you’re the little mastermind behind all the names of all her products.”


I laughed. “Well yes, I am.”


“Interesting, Are you related to Zayn Malik?”

I shook my head again. I got this question so many times. “No, not at all.”


“Oh Interesting, anyways you look stunning in Elie Saab latest masterpiece, I’m in completely awe.”


“Thank you Kat, so are you.” I replied smiling. “Is your dress already in stores?”


“No, It will be in the fashion show next week though, are you planning on buying it?”


I chuckled. “It’s beautiful, but I don’t think it’s my kind of style.”


“Mmh.” Kat murmured, “That’s true. Well I should welcome other guests. There’s a bar and there’s some dessert, speech and toast will start in fifteen minutes.” She gave me a small smile and walked away to greet other guests.




Flynn Vasilios P.O.V


“What the f**k man?!” Rodrigo Macallister yelled causing everyone that passed the coffee shop to look at us.


“Can you keep your big mouth shut!” I hissed glaring at him.


“That bitch is one hell of a snake!” he whispered furiously.


Rodrigo Macallister, my best friend since freshman year of college moved to New York City two days ago. Before, he was working in his father’s company in Dubai, but since the expansion of the company he had to move to New York to be in charge of the business here.


“I swear, If I see that little snake I will—”


“No you don’t!” I said firmly. “That’s abuse and that’s bad for our image.”


“Who said I would do it? I will let a girl do it of course.”


I sighed. “You will not do anything Rodrigo, be a good boy for once and listen to me. We’re not in high school anymore.”


He scoffed. “I thought you learned your lesson after that one time your sister caught you with that pornstar.”


I scrunched my nose at the memory of that. “She’s still not over it yet, she got really mad when I told her I will move back to New York, she thinks my playboy reputation will ruin her image.”


“I don’t blame her, It was probably traumatizing for her to see Lana all tied up with a gag in her mouth.”


I snickered by the thought of that. “It was hot man and I couldn’t resist her body. She reminded me so much of her.”


“But she was not her.” Rodrigo concluded sipping his coffee.


It was weird to see two billionaires sitting on the patio of a coffee shop drinking coffee at five in the afternoon.


“Yeah.” I said disappointed. “It was not her.”


“Why don’t you just grow some balls and tell her?”

“She doesn’t f**king remember me!”


“Who doesn’t remember you darling, because I’m sure I do.” I heard a velvety voice behind me. I turned around only to see a stunning blonde in a skin tight dress, black feather coat, and thigh high boots.


“Zoe.” I said surprised. “I thought you were in brazil.”


She laughed softly and pull out a chair in between me and Rodrigo. “Well I was, but I have to go to a party tonight.”


“And I guess you need a date.”


She looked at me surprised. “How did you guessed?”


I shrugged. She always does that. She comes to me, brings me to one of her parties as her date and pays me back with a one night stand.


“Well yeah, I do need you as my date tonight.” she said, and added in a real seductively voice, “But don’t worry, I have something really exciting planned for after the party.” She gave me a seductive smile as she bend over slightly showing me her cleavage. There was not much to show, but of course I will not tell her that otherwise I could kiss the whole pay back goodbye, just when I needed it so bad.


“Mmh, may I ask what or is that a surprise?” I asked licking my lips. I knew that was her weakness. She groaned and I couldn’t help but chuckle softly. This girl has zero patience. If I would give her the green light to undress me here, she would do it in a split second.


“I can give you a sneak peak, it—,”


“I don’t want to hear what kind of fifty shade thing you have planned for him tonight Zoe.” Rodrigo growled annoyed.


I laughed as I saw the face that Rodrigo made. Zoe glared at him.


“Way to ruin the mood, Macallister.” she sneered.


“What mood? We’re in a goddamn coffee shop.”


She glared at him again and then shifted her attention back to me.


“Pick me up at the Peninsula at eight.” She stood up, gave me a peck on my cheek, and left the coffee shop without paying Rodrigo a second glance.


“Are you that desperate to get laid?” Rodrigo asked, when Zoe was out of sight.


I shrugged. I didn’t got laid in a month so I guess I am.


“She gives good head.” I said, sipping on my coffee.


Rodrigo laughed. “How many times have you banged her in all positions only to forget her?”


“Stop bringing her up, she’s right here in New York, so close to me, and I still don’t know how to…how to—,”


“Tell her that you gave her the most mind blowing sΒ£x ever that she blacked out and that’s why she can’t remember you?”


Rodrigo looked at me with a small smirk playing on his lips, knowing damn well he was right.

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