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Episode 11


Jill Malik P.O.V


“Are you done?” Ximena was knocking softly on the alumunium bathroom door.


“In a minute.” I hurriedly stuffed all my clothes in my bag and adjusted my bikini strap in the huge mirror.


Twenty minutes ago we arrived at this big elegant yacht with a stylish white superstructure and a distinguished blue hull. On the side there was written in bold letters: F. Vasilios. The yacht was even more beautiful from inside. It was beautifully crafted, opulent and the spacious interior offers multiple options for dining, relaxation and entertainment. There was also a cinema, a gymnasium, several bars, a large deck pool, state-of-the-art audio/visual and communication systems as well as a glass elevator serving four decks and a private observation lounge.


I couldn’t help then to swoon over everything. It was so beautiful, elegant, and classy.


I opened the door of the bathroom and Ximena was standing there in her white bikini.


“How do you do that?” Ximena stared at me as she took in my appearance.


“Do what?” I asked, not knowing what she’s talking about.


“Wearing a plain black bikini and still look so damn s£xy.”


“Hey, hey.” I chuckled. “If there’s anyone who looks hot and s£xy here, it’s definitely you.”


She shook her head wildly. “Oh hell no, what’s the your diet secret?”


Diet secret?


I laughed at the stupid question, but stopped abruptly when I saw Ximena’s serious expression. “You’re not serious right?”


She snorted. “Do I look like I’m joking?”


“Well, to answer your question. No, I don’t have a diet secret.”


“What?” she exclaimed her eyes turning the size of Texas. “You’re kidding!”




“Dammit, the world is so unfair.” she mutters incoherently.


“Ah shut up, you have a killer body yourself.”


She laughed. “To have this killer body I need to go for a jog every morning and I need to watch what I eat. Anyways let’s go, I want to show you the pool.”


I put my bag with clothes in one of the big drawers and followed Ximena through the big yacht. I’m pretty sure that without her I would get lost.


We were in the living room, on our way to the pool when Flynn, Rodrigo, and a unfamiliar girl arrived. Please don’t tell me she’s one of Flynn’s regulars, she’s way too pretty for that. She didn’t acknowledge us, because she was busy glaring at Rodrigo.


Is she the girlfriend of Rodrigo? But they look awfully alike.

“Rodrigo!” she stomped. “Don’t ignore me!”


We all looked at her with raised eyebrows. “I’m sorry.” she said apologetically to us, “It’s just that my beloved brother here refused to stop at McDonalds, because he said and I quote ‘there’s food in the yacht that’s healthier’. I’m not twelve for god sake!”


Ximena chuckled. “Aren’t you suppose to go on a diet for your next photoshoot? I don’t think Ashley would be pleased if she heard you ate McDonalds.”


“Finally someone who understands!” Rodrigo exclaimed throwing his hands in the air. “That’s what I was trying to tell her.”


“She will not know, what she didn’t see!” she replied casually, and then looked at me. “You!” she exclaimed, running towards me and embracing me in a bone crushing hug.


She released me and then looked at me with the biggest smile plastered on her face. “Hi! I’m Ellie, you must be Jill.”


I just stared at her shocked and confused. “Y-yeah” I stammered, “How did you know?”


“Oh.” she chuckled, rolling her eyes as if it was a stupid question. “Those two d**kheads told me a lot about you.” She motioned towards Flynn and Rodrigo, who at their turn yelled: “Excuse me?!”


“I’m sorry, I meant assholes.” Then she turned back at me and squealed. “Oh my god, you look so pretty.”


“I told her.” Ximena chimed in. “And you know what she told me? She can eat anything she wants and still have that figure.”


Ellie stared at me agape. “You’re kidding me.”


“Nope.” Ximena answered.


“Damn girl, I’m lowkey jealous!.”


“You should be” We all turned around to look at Flynn. “Excuse me?” I said confused, I’m pretty sure I haven’t heard him right.


“I said, she should be jealous of your body. It’s perfect.” he repeated. If my heart could jump out of my chest, It would happen right now. Did the Flynn Vasilios just complimented me? I was frozen in spot, trying to process his compliment. Ximena was the first one that said something.


“Do I smell love in the air?”


This time I turned my head at Ximena and glared at her. Really? From all the things she could’ve said, that’s what she came up with?


Flynn coughed at the question of Ximena and turned his head to his right. “Martini, Rodrigo?” he asked instead, looking at his best friend. Rodrigo nodded. “Yeah, yeah Martini.” And they both walked out of the living room to the bar which was on the second floor.


Ellie turned around me and faced me with excitement in her eyes.


“Oh my god!” she squealed. “You.Flynn. Are you guys a thing?”


“What? No, not at all. Why do you think that?”

She just shrugged. “Maybe, because it’s so obvious.”


“It’s not, I think he hates my guts.”


“There’s a thin line between love and hate.” Ellie said, giving me a wink.


“Ok El it’s enough, If you want to play cupid for my brother and my best friend, do it when I’m not around.” Ximena laughed uncomfortably.


“Why?” Ellie asked smirking, and then continued, “You don’t like it when I match your ugly brother with one hell of a fine girl?”


“Exactly, I don’t know what girls see in him.”


“Okay first of all Flynn is not ugly.” I said looking at both of them. Flynn is absolutely NOT ugly, in fact he’s one hot specimen made out off a dozen of s£xiness, hotness, and cockiness.


“Of course you will not think he’s attractive Ximmy, he’s your brother.” Ellie said in a matter-of-fact tone, ignoring my statement.


“Anyways!” Ximena gave us a big broad smile. “Let’s not talk about my brother anymore, let’s go swimming.” We walked out of the living room, passed the gymnasium, and we ended up outside where there was a huge pool with a bar awaiting for us.


We jumped in the water, played volleyball, and after that we drank cocktail at the bar. I learned that Ellie was Rodrigo’s little sister. She was twenty three years old and she was a writer and a model. Ellie was outgoing and loud, the type of friend you had to warn first before you introduce her to other people.


After a while Flynn called us, that lunch was ready. We got out of the pool and wrapped a towel around our wet body, before heading to the second floor to have lunch. I was surprised to see how much food there was. I was even more surprised to hear that everything was prepared by Rodrigo.


“Yup, my brother is a good cook.” Ellie said as she sat down on one of the Rotan chairs. I sat down next to her and looked at all the delicious food on the table. There was seafood pasta with goat cheese, orange chicken, fried rice, pandan wrapped chicken wings, Lasagna, and bread roll.


“Did you prepare all this?” I asked looking at Rodrigo. This was a lot for lunch and it all look so delicious.


Rodrigo nodded. “Yup, it didn’t take long. I’m used to cook.”


“Where did you learn how to cook? Are you a chef?”


He laughed. “No, but I did take culinary class in high school and when I was in college I watched a lot of Giada De Laurentiis videos.”


“Really?” I chuckled. “I thought you would say Gordon Ramsay?”


“Nah.” Rodrigo placed a napkin beside my plate. “Giada is hot and she kept me interested in this whole cooking thing.”


I laughed at his response. “But how did you learn how to make all these international dishes, because Giada is a american-italian chef?”


He shrugged. “Practice makes perfect. You see those orange chicken there? Took me two years to make it as good as the ones from panda express.”

Flynn came out of the kitchen holding two glasses with juice. “Orange or apple?” he asked looking at me and Ximena. I took the Apple juice whereas Ximena the orange.


“Where’s mine?” Ellie asked, looking at Flynn.


“Oh.” Flynn said. “Your brother told me you would have water.


“What?!” she yelled and then glared at Rodrigo. “Please don’t tell me you also made salad for me.”


Rodrigo grinned. “Actually none of the food on the table is for you. I made Chicken avocado salad for you. Healthy and refreshing.”


“Rodrigo!” she bawled, hitting her head with her hands. “I’m craving orange chicken and for your information I don’t like avocado.”


“Oh really?” Rodrigo provoked. “Last time I checked you were literally confessing your undying love for chicken avocado sandwich at Ashley’s house.”


“That was Ashley’s house, you know how she is!” Ellie whined.


“Fine! You can have orange chicken, but tomorrow no junk food at all!”


“Deal!” Ellie took the bowl with orange chicken and scooped a spoonful on her plate. I decided to have lasagna and bread roll for lunch.


During lunch Ximena and Rodrigo held a conversation, Ellie was so engrossed with her food, and Flynn was was on his phone, probably texting one of his regulars.


When we were done we brought everything inside. We didn’t had to do any dishes, because Flynn had a maid who would do it later on today.


Perks of being rich.


After we had put all the dishes in the sink, Rodrigo and Ellie went home and Ximena went to take a nap. I decided to go to the upper deck and lay down on one of the deck chairs.


I almost fell asleep when I felt a presence next to me.


A naked Flynn. Well, not fully naked, he wore bright orange hawaiian shorts. His upper half on the other hand was bare, which means I could see his incredible six pack and V-Line. It’s not something I haven’t seen before, but I couldn’t resist not staring at him.


“Enjoying the view so far?” he asked leaning back putting his hands behind his head.


“No!” I replied fast, thinking he meant the view as in him.


He chuckled and said, “Pudding, what I meant was the view in front of you, not next to you.”


Oh, both views were breathtaking. Wait what? Did he just called me pudding?


“Did you just call me pudding?” I was perplexed, since when did we start giving each other nicknames?.


“You don’t like it? I have other ones like buttercup, honey bear, or kit–”


I interrupted him. “It’s okay, but I mean why pudding?”

He shrugged. “You’re sweet, adorable, and confident.”


“And how do you know that? You barely know me.”


He gave me a mysterious smile. “That’s why I’m sitting here to get to know you, duh.”


As if he thinks I’m interested in a conversation. Secretly, I am.


“So,” he continued. “Let us start over again, because when we met at Ximena’s office I was kind of… shocked.”




I recalled him being mad not shocked. “Your definition of shocked means mad in my dictionary.”


He chuckled, “Pudding, that happens when I’m shocked. I yell.”


I shook my head. “You’re unbelievable and I say that because I already have experienced some of your unbelievable moments.”


“If you refer to the bathroom and victoria secret incidents, those weren’t even close from unbelievable, pudding.”


I looked at Flynn when he said that. I noticed that his eyes were closed and his dark brows were actually graceful, but currently furrowed in a frown. He looked so peaceful like this, not like the arrogant and conceited jerk he always is. He’s quite nice around me lately and I wondered why? “A picture will last longer.” he mumbled, a small smirk playing on his lips.


My face turned fifty shades of red. How could he know that I was staring at him.


“And if you are thinking about how I know that you’re staring at me. You’re eyes are burning holes in my body.”


How the hell did he know that I was thinking about that? Geez. I decided to change the topic.


“So if you call me pudding, do I need to give you a nickname too?” He opened one eye and looked at me. “Do you want to give me one?”


I put on my thinking face. “What about Mr. conceited or Mr. Arrogant?”


“I suggest staying with Flynn.” he muttered at my choice of nicknames.


I laughed. “Come on Flynn, you should help me choose. What do you think fits the best on you?”


He turned his head towards me. “Mh, I would say s£xy, hot, greek god, but I would prefer you calling me daddy.”


“Mr. Conceited it will be then and ew, did you just say I should call you daddy?”


He snickered, “Yes, pudding. I prefer you calling me daddy.”


“Ew, hell no! Gross!” I gagged. Flynn burst out laughing. “You should have seen your face when you made those gagging noises.”


I shook my head. “You’re a freaking CEO of a multi-billion company and here you are acting like a highschool badboy.”

He shrugged at my statement. “I don’t really care. I have nothing to lose and bytheway I have dedicated my entire high school and college years to become this successful, the least I can do now is have fun.”


“But you got the company on a silver platter, your dad was the last CEO right? Isn’t it some kind of family business, like the oldest son get’s the company kinda thing?”


Flynn scoffed at the question I asked. “Silver platter? Ha, I wished. If I wouldn’t bust my ass off at school he wouldn’t hesitate to give it to someone else who did. It doesn’t matter if it’s a family business or not”


“I was just asking.” I replied in defence, turning my attention back to the water. Maybe having a decent conversation with Flynn wasn’t so bad afterall. Maybe he wasn’t so bad afterall.


“Hey.” I turned my attention back to Flynn when he said that. “I want to show you something.” He grabbed my hand and I shivered when he did that. I never held his hand before, but it felt like my body recognized his touch, because I got goosebumps all over my body.


“What?” I asked as he dragged me towards the railing of the yacht. He let me lean against the railing as he stand right behind me. If he’s trying to copy the Titanic scene I wouldn’t hesitate kicking him in his balls. I’m not really a Titanic fan, the only reason I watched it was because of young Leonardo.


“From here you can see the Brooklyn Bridge, at night it is even more beautiful.” he whispered in my ear as he put his hands on my waist.


“Hands to yourself Vasilios.” I warned as I playfully slapped his hands. He chuckled as he pulled his hands away from my waist. “It’s Flynn for you pudding.”


I rolled my eyes. “Are we going to stay till night?”


“Uhm no, my mom has a family dinner planned tonight. Did you have fun though, I mean today.”


I nodded my head. “The food was good, so yeah it was fun.”


He chuckled when he heard my answer. “Women and food.” he mumbled. “But do you know what’s even more fun?”


I was about to turn around and ask what, but before I could do that he scooped me up bridal style and walked closer to the railing.


I squealed when he did that. He is not doing what I think he’s doing.


“Flynn, put me down!” I exclaimed as I was trying to fight my way out of this position, which was useless. Flynn made it seem like I was a feather in his arms.


“Do you have a dea–” before I could finish that sentence he threw me in the water.


Someone is going to end up dead and it’s certainly not me.

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