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Ayna don’t cry, you won’t let his hurtful words hurt you. I wiped my forehead and smiled halfly.

“You know the Caine’s mansion right??” I asked and he nodded.


“Madam who doesn’t know the Caine’s mansion. The wealthiest family in New York” He said and I smiled.


“Madam do you want to go look for a job there or what” He asked. I half smiled at his question.

The guy had no idea I was their daughter. “Thanks” I said when I paid him.



“Your change ma’am” He said.


“Keep the change” I said and walked to the mansion’s gate.

I was about calling Roberts our gate man to open the gate when someone called me from behind.

“Cab woman” He called and I turned back to see him standing outside his car. “Oh Shit” I said to myself.

The last thing I wanted Brian to know was I had extremely rich parents.

“Heyyy Brian” I said nervously and left the gate to where he was standing. “Look Ayna am very sorry for calling you my servant, I…”

“Yeah apology accepted you can leave now” I said folding my hands.


“Whaaaat are you doing here. Did you come here to see your boyfriend??” He asked. I almost face palmed myself at his stupid question.

The gates open and a guy drives out.

I was able to avoid the gate man but not the guy driving out. “Hi Ayna” He greeted smiling.

“Hi John” I greeted my sister’s fiance.


“Whatare you. ” John greeted but I cut him off.


“Yeah please let me in” I said. “Okay?” He replied and open thedoor.

“Ayna” Brian calls but I ignore him and enter thecar.

Then we drove off, I didn’t look back to see Brian, I had promised myself Iwon’t get hurt for putting my heart first instead of myhead.

“So Ayna, you care to tell me what’s going on??” He asked.


“Yeah, I just don’t want that guy to know am the daughter of the Caine’s, I don’t want him to know my parents are rich” He replied.


“Oh okay. Your sister told me stuffs like that, you guys wanna be independent. That’s a nice idea”


“Yeah thanks, so how’s everyone at home, I didn’t get to see them like Ihad planned”


“Everyone’s okay, Isa and I are supposed to go out today but she was waiting for you so we cancelled our plans”


“Am so sorry” I apologized “It’s okay” He said.

“So you said your house is opposite the Cuisine’s best restaurant” “Yeah it is” I said.

“Why don’t I take you there, let’s eat and discuss about stuff” “Oh that restaurant is too expensive”

“C’mon Ayna, you should know who you’re talking to”


“Erm John I don’t want to go there. Just drop me home”


“So this is your new house, small but perfect” John said looking at the house. “Thanks” Ireplied.

“Wassap John” Axton said coming out of the house, they fist bumped and hugged each other.


“C’mon John dip me a little. Am danm broke” Axton said spreading his hand wide.


“Oh God” I said face palming myself. “My wallet or my Credit card” He asked.

“Hmmm, I prefer wallet. I don’t want to start going to bank” Axton replied and surprisingly John gave him his wallet.


“John!!” I exclaimed.


“Bye” He said and hugged me, I hugged him back.

He entered his car and sped off, immediately he’s out of sight. I look at Axton mischievously.


“Whaaaaat, don’t even think of it. I am not sharing this money with you. Why didn’t you ask for yours. You are claiming big girl”


“Axton stop, whatever belongs to my twin belongs to me” “Which verse was that written in the bible”

“Axton come on, what are you going to use the money for, remember you can’t spend lavishly”


“Am going to save it in my new account, remember you asked Dad to freeze the old ones, and I have 0$ in my new account ”


“C’mon Axton, Dad gave us 20,000$ dollars each in our new accounts, how come you have no money now, Danm you’re so wasteful. You know what give me that wallet”




“I SAID GIVE ME THAT WALLET” I yelled at him. “Okay okay take take” He said and gave me the wallet. “Good boy”



“Geez you have a way of intimidating me, you’re a bully Ayna” He said and I smiled




“You see chad, that’s her boyfriend that just dropped her off, he’s more richer and even handsome than you” Miranda mocked me. We were all looking from the window watching what was happening between Ayna and the unknown guy.


“Miranda leave me the f**k alone” I said upset and left the scene.

…………………….. BRIAN’S POV

So she does have a boyfriend, well I don’t really care. I am so stupid for even thinking something special about her. Fuck love, I have better things to do than think about love.

I have no time to start getting jealous and fight for a lady, I have better things to do than that.

If a lady is interested in me she should wait till I become 40 years of age then we can talk about love, as for now Love is Shit.

………………………. DENNIS’S POV

Who is she

Probably an angel who had fallen from heaven.

But what is she doing with Brian, the bastard always gets the good thing but not this time. When Dennis wants something, he’ll get it no matter what.

“What is my son thinking about that got him smiling” Mom asked. “Your daughter in law mother”

“Oh really, tell me who’s she”


I don’t know anything about her yet but trust me I’ll get her, I’ll snatch herfrom Brian”


“Brian??, what does your step brother has to do with the lady”


“I have a feeling something’s going on between her and Brian. He even lied to me he’s her servant. He’s trying to cover who she really is, but the way he was with her I know he doesn’t want to lose her ”


“Well it’ll be good if you snatch her away from him. It’ll be like killing two birds with one stone”


“Yes mother, destroying Brian and having the woman I want” I said and smiled. LATER THAT NIGHT


I already apologized to my parents for not visiting and I promised to show up tomorrow. Today being a Sunday we decided to have fun, we could have gone to a club but we chose to stay home.

We played music, ordered pizza and drinks.

Even Miranda was present, since everyone was drunk she saw it as an opportunity to cling to Chad.

“Let’s play dare and dare” Max suggested


I thought it was called Truth and Dare” Dorasaid.


“Na Truth or Dare is lame, I don’t want to ask stupid questions. I just want to dare” Max said.

“That’s cool” Axton included and we all agreed. BRIAN’S POV

“God what are they doing making such noise” I said to myself standing beside

my car and looking at Ayna’s house


“It’s 12am Brian, you’ve closed since 10 go home and stop looking at someone’s house” my subconscious told me


“They must be disturbing other neighbors, as a good citizen I must go to their house and tell them to reduce the volume of the music ” I said and walked to their house.

I opened the door without knocking, they didn’t notice I was inside already, they all looked drunk. They formed a circle and a bottle was in their midst.


“Heyyy 30 seconds what do you want, did you come to see your servant” Cab woman said.


“What’s going on here, why can’t you guys reduce the volume. People are sleeping” “None of your business guy, now leave” A guy said to me

“What exactly are you guys doing”


“Dare or dare dude, wanna join” Axton said and I laughed.

“I don’t play such stupid childish games” I said and folded my hands. “Okay” everyone said and concentrated on the game.

They spinned the bottle and each ends faced two guys


“Ok chad, I think I have to dare you bad” the other guy said. “Okay max” Chad replied

“Okay ermmm, I dare you to make out with Ayna outside for 5 minutes”


“WHAT!!!” I exclaimed and gave Chad the *I’LL KILL YOU IF YOU COME CLOSE TO HER LOOK*






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