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Let’s go, he’s dead” one of the doom squad stated as they stared at the deep hole, turned and left









Theo opened his eyes the moment the sun shown brightly on his face, he staggered back on his feet and groan as he did


“Where am I?”he uttered as he swiftly turned to observe his surrounding


He groaned in pain as the memory of Carly’s dead came rushing back to him, he felt on his knees as hot tears streamed down his face


He couldn’t believe all this was happening.

He felt anger and rage running down his veins wanting to kill each and every one involved in the dead of Carly


“I need to tell the others, we have to involved the police”Theo said as he hit his fist angrily on a nearby rock and blood gushed out of it but that was the least of his problems


He got up and paced up and down the hole in annoyance while looking for a way out


Theo raised his head slowly as he sighted a way out of the hole, it was a little opening within a rock and the sun could be seen shining brightly just outside the rock


He walked up to the rock and twisted his body within the rock in an attempt to get out


Just as he was about leaving, he sighted a blue light shining inside the hole but he ignored it as he completely came out of the hole


He staggered back on his feet and zoomed off, heading towards his home……


He got home in less than few minutes but noticed something weird, the environment had change quite a lot from when he left home yesterday


He could see new buildings that looks like they were just newly build, companies he had not seen before now showed vividly, everything was in a compromise state as he plunged towards his home


He got to his house and opened the door as he walked into the house, he got there and everyone turned their direction to him as if they had seen a ghost


“Why are you all looking at me like that”he uttered and they just continued staring at him


“What the Fu*k Theo, you left a year ago without even telling us and you just showed up now”Adam yelled at Theo who opened his mouth with shock Written boldly on his face


“A lot happened while you were away Theo, Carly’s dead”Harry said and a solemn look was written boldly on Theo’s face as the night of the incident flashed through his mind again


“What, what’d you mean by that? A year? How? What happened?? He asked as he got more confused


“The police found her body in the woods few days after you left, she was murdered, the police signed an investigation team but later gaved up on the investigation for the killer after 3 months of searching without finding any clue or evidence”Jake stated


Theo was shocked as he fought the tears that threaten to fall down on his cheeks, he clench his fist in anger and went in without replying……….


Harry and the rest watched him leave with worry and shock written boldly on their faces…..


“No no no, what’s happening to me?? How come it a year already? All this is not right! There has to be an explanation for all this”Theo stated as he got into his room


“You have to take it easy Theo, it’s not your fault, we all went through the same pain”Adam said while standing at the doorpost and Theo just nod in agreement as he collapse on his bed


“What’s happening” he thought, taking a deep breath and heaved before drifting off to sleep…..




Theo was woken up by the sound of an alarm blaring his nose into his ears, he swipe his hands and it fell on the hard floor


He groaned as he got up and dived into the bathroom, he came out in seconds and headed downstairs


“Morning Theo”Harry said


“Why did you come back after a year, we were all surprised to see you”Harry added as Theo scratch his head, thinking of something good to cover up his hidden secret


“I got an urgent message from a friend telling me to come, I had to go without telling you guys since it was urgent, am sorry”Theo stated trying not to disclosed his secret


“Sure”Harry said and Theo stared at him, lost in thoughts as if remembering something…


“I need to get back to that cave, all this is not right, what’s was that blue light all about”Theo thought as he stood up


“Something just doesn’t seem right, I need to get back to that cave”Theo added as he stood up


“Where are you going Theo, you just got here, come eat breakfast before you leave”Adam yelled


“Let the warmer have it, need to check on something, will be right back”Theo added as he dashed outside heading towards the woods………….







A dark seering energy radiated from an anonymous cave,the rain rained heavily towards the cave as darkness illuminated the dreaded cave


“We have been searching for the dagger for a year now but we haven found it, are you sure it’s here on Earth??”A voice rang out in a cave below a mountain


“How dare you question me?? The energy source we get from the dagger reactor state that the dagger is here in wikolins city, so how dare you”Gomok replied angrily


“Sorry boss, we were just been paranoid as we have been searching for the dagger for a year now but we haven found it”another added


“You better watch your tongue next time or you will get yourself to be blame”Gomok added angrily


The quest for the dagger has been going for a year now but they haven disclosed it’s whereabouts yet, they had no clues on where the dagger was


A portal suddenly appeared and Therak face could be seen emerging from it


“Good day my Lord”the doom squad chorused as they all bow their heads in respect before their god


“Where is the dagger?? Don’t you dare tell me you Haven retrieve it yet”Therak said in a low growl


“It yet to be found my Lord but we promised to retrieve it soon”Gomok replied still facing the ground


“You better find it soon or else you won’t like the outcome of me”Therak stated and grin evilly as the portal closed………







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