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As the story continues, Gomok is an accomplice of dark Shadow and now he’s dead, The other dark shadow escaped leaving Theo in deep thoughts, Theo has discovered who dark shadow is, Zarnak is the dark shadow but is this true ? What happens next? The next episode commence…..









Tension filled the throne room at the mentioned of dark Shadow, tears streamed down Theo’s face as he stared eyed daggered at Zarnak, seething with rage at each passing moment


“What do you mean by that? Are you nuts??”


Zarnak asked, slightly stepping backwards as Theo radiated an unearthly aura, Theo slipped and in a flash stood before Zarnak, connecting a heavy punch to his jaw which sent crashing to the ground


“I trusted you, I took you as my brother, you trained me, why did you betrayed me? Why?!! You killed Adam, you killed him!!!”


Theo roared with venom etched in his voice, he leaped at Zarnak before he could even regain his stance, grapping him by the neck as he smashed his head against the wall, blood dripped from Zarnak’s face as he fell to he ground



“Hahaha, I guess you are smarter than I expected, you found out, what are you gonna do about it huh??”


Zarnak asked with a smug, stirring up on his feet as his eyes collided with Theo’s whose face held an angry look as rage burned down his Veins


They both stood few feet away from each others, glaring each other with a deadly glare, tension filled the throne room as both figures slipped and dashed at each others with lightening speed


Both figures collided, creating a blast due to their impact as they both flew away but skillfully landed on their feet, Zarnak conjured a plasma blast and directed it towards Theo who skillfully spun his body, evading the blast and landed on his feet before dashing at Zarnak


He threw a lightening bolt at Zarnak who skillfully evaded it, connecting a heavy blast to his ribs which sent him crashing to the ground as the the wall had a deep hole due to the impact of the lightening bolt


“I killed him, I did and it tasted so good, ripping his body apart from his body felt so good, the way he begged, you know, I should have ripped off his legs too and serve it to my king!!!”


Zarnak prombly stated with a smirk, his face darkened as he plunged towards Theo, his words piercing through Theo’s ears as he reminisce over Adam’s dead, a dark energy radiated round them as Theo’s eyes turned dark, having a deep shade of dark glowing eyes, rage burned down his veins as he tasted for revenge, his clothes burned off as his muscles expanded, spreading through his body, claws crept out of this fingers and toe nails as two huge horns appeared on his head, Zarnak gasped as he took slow steps backwards, dead lurked around as he cringed with fear


“We trusted! We cared for you! We took you as ours, you trained me but what did you do huh? You killed Adam!! Am gonna kill you, am gonna make sure you die a painful dead”


Theo stated with a dark grin as darkness creeped into the throne room, morphing with the darkness as he slipped and dash at Zarnak with a deadly speed


A Whosh sound could be heard as Theo appeared before Zarnak, connecting a punch to his jaw which sent him crashing to th ground




Zarnak yelled as a piercing claw slashed his skin, penetrating through his skin as a piercing scream filled the Throne room


Zarnak weakly crashed to the ground as blood dripped from his back, Theo eyes glowed more dark as he morphed his hand into a blade, Zarnak gasped, a look of shook which morped into agony appeared on


his face as he felt Theo’s Blade digging deeper into his heart, penetrating through the other end of his Body


“Die traitor, Die!!!”


Theo yelled with rage, pulling off his blade hands as they took their normal shapes, Zarnak eyes widened as he slowly crashed to the ground, his life force slowly drained from him as he gasped for breath


Theo towered below the weak Creature, smiling evilly as his heart had been fully consumed by hatred….

Dark hatred, Burning ashes could be seen floating in the air as Zarnak slowly burned and turned to ashes, the ashes went higher to the sky, causing havoc as the storm brewed


“Well well well, isn’t this my descendant who just made me proud!”


A dark grutttaral voice stated as it echoed round the building, Theo slowly turned, shocked as his eyes collided with the greater devil whose aura was suppressing


“Debini ”


Theo muttered, cringing fearfully as he took slow steps backwards, A smirk escaped Debini’s lips as he enjoyed what unfolded before him, he grinned as he plunged towards Theo


“How am I your descendant?? Stay away from me!!” Theo yelled “Give me the dagger and get what you seek for!!” Debini said

“No way! Come get it yourself!” Theo yelled, clutching his fist which glowed reddish


He slipped and dashed at Debini with lightening speed, Debini smiled as he saw Theo in a slow motion, he grap Theo by the neck before he could even reached him, smashing him across the wall which created a deep hole due to Theo’s impact


Theo jerked his head as his vision became blurry, he gasped as a punch connected to his jaw which send him crashing to the the wall again.


Theo regained his stance, conjuring a bolt if lightening towards Debini who only smiled as the lightening collided with his body, hardly getting fazed from the hit as he absorbed the core energy, redirecting it towards Theo who stood perplexed at such powers


The lightening bolt collided with Theo, creating a great impact as blood clustered from his mouth and crashedtotheground,heweaklyraisedhishead,collidingwithDebiniwhohurledearthRocksathim and directed them towardshim


Theo countered attack by breaking the rocks with a lightening bolt, creating a dust as everything became blurry, soon it cleared off to revealed Debini whose eyes glowed dark as he blasted Theo with a fire blast


“I don’t have time for this, give me the dagger!!”


Debini yelled as he stretch his hands towards the latter, Theo gasped as he felt a seering pain penetrating through his heart, his eyes widened as he could feel the dagger, slowly ripping itself from his heart




Theo yelled as the dagger glowed, tearing up his chest as it came out in between his heart and floated towards Debini, lightening flashed through the sky as the throne room became even darker, Debini grinned evilly as he held the dagger


“It’s been long, let’s get this done with!!”


Debini stated as he lifted the dagger, Dark waves evolved round him as the dagger penetrated through his heart, a seering energy flowed down the throne room as Theo slowly crashed to the ground with his heart ripped opened as it dripped down blood


“Ahhhhhh,am… Am Am gonna kill you, I will kill you!!!” Theo yelled, Debini grinned evilly ashe

towered above the weak being below him


“No you won’t, you have no power left in you, I made sure of it, Zarnak really trained you well but too bad I had been the master mind the whole time, the poor fellow didn’t even know what he was doing!!”


Debini briefly stated with a smug, Theo shuddered at his words, his face held confusion as he groan in pains


“What What do you mean by that??” Theo asked, the latter giggled devilishly as he plungedtowards



“Find out yourself”


Debini said, placing his index finger on Theo’s forehead which glowed brightly, Theo gasped as his eyeballs turned white, feeling suppressed as he was no longer himself…..





The unnatural air blew passed Theo with dark aura as it became darkly thickened, Theo stood weakly before a room he recognizedsowell Dewok’s throne room, He stood perplexed as he sighted adead

body on the ground and a being who sat glamouriously on thehugethrone. Debini


“Hahahaha, those men will arrive soon, thinking they can stop me so easily but I have a plan!!”


Debini stated grimly as his eyes glowed darkly, he moulded his fist over the other, radiating a dark energy as it formed a Red smoke, merging together as it formed a Man


“What can I do for you My Lord??” The smoke asked


“Become one with the dagger, take the form of anyone who yields the dagger and set me free when the time is right!”


Debini stated with a dark smug,his voice carrying dark authority round the throne room as the Man bowed before him


“As you wish My Lord!!”


The Man replied, shrinking feverently as he took the shape of the Red smoke and penetrated throne Debini’s heart, merging together as it became one with the dagger


Soon, the throne room became darkly suppress, Theo gasped as mysterious men appeared and fought ferociously with Debini




Theo yelled, diving towards their midst as the mysterious men muttered a powerful spell which created a blast, Theo gasped as the heavy blast fazed through his body, overpowering Debini as he couldn’t feel his body


Soon, Debini was defeated as the whole realm glowed brightly, blurring his vision as he couldn’t see anything,themysteriouslightsoonclearedofftorevealTheostandingnexttoTherakinadarkcave….

Druids keep


Therak smirked as he sighted the dagger and plunged towards it, gently laying his hands on the hilt of the dagger, the smoke appeared, radiating dark aura as it merged with Therak, taking his form


Soon,TheogaspedashemethimselfstandingnexttothepalaceofDewokkingdom,hewatchedwitha heart of sorrow as he sighted Zarnak, taking a smoke form and diving towards Therak, penetrating through his heart as he took the dagger and bolted into aportal


Lighteningflashedthroughtheskyasthewholerealmshookfromithinges,Theoskipticallyturnedashe met himself in the mysterious cave where his life took achange



Tears streamed down his face as he stood before the sleeping Zarnak, soon the cave radiated a strange aura, becoming darkened as the dagger glowed brightly, The red smoke appeared, swerving together as it formed a man with Dark glowing eyes, descending below the sleeping prince


“At last, a perfect vessel, you will take my form and release my master, you live to free my master, You are dark shadow!!”


The smoke grimly stated, transforming to a smoke as it passed through Zarnak’s mouth, going deep into his body and taking his shape, Zarnak gasped as his eyeballs turned dark


“I serve only you, Master!!”


Zarnak stated with a smug, having little knowledge of what he was doing, Theo weakly fell on his knees, shivering feverently as tears streamed down his face, the whole realm glowed brightly, turning to tiny ashes as it slowly faded and vanished….





Tears streamed down Theo’s face as he dived back to the real world, his heart dripped blood, he was gettingweakly,thetruthhadjustbeenDawntohimthatheunknowinglykilledZarnakwhohadlittle knowledge of hisdoings


“Am.. am.. am going tokill…You. When am free, youmurderer!!”


Theo yelled, his voice came out in a low groan as he laid weakly on the ground in his own pool of blood,

Debini smirked evilly as he stood before Theo whose chest was torn apart


“You won’t, I made sure I took every single power the dagger bestowed on you, it was my plan the whole time, I waited for the right moment to strike, the dagger is a dark weapon, I couldn’t access it because you yield it with a loving heart, I knew if your heart had been darkly consumed, I would retrieve the dagger so I made Zarnak kill Adam, I rendered him powerless so you could defeat him in the forest, I knew you would come seek answers from him so I made the tattoo appeared more brightly, I made the claw marks stop healing so you could see them and think he killed Adam, seeing it made your heart consumed with hatred and easy for me to retrieve the dagger, it was all my plan and it worked!!”


Debini briefly stated, his face held a smirk, tears streamed down Theo’s face the more as he realized he had just entered into Debini’s trap and killed the innocent Zarnak


“Ahhhhhh, you devil, am gonna make sure I end your wrath less life!!” Theo yelled


“No, you won’t, am going to Unleash havoc in your world, am going to kill your friends one by one and then, am going to take away your precious item, the precious love of your life, am going to kill Malia in


your presence, I will rip her heart apart, I will make her dead painful and miserable and then, am going to kill you, await my return!!”


Debini stated, giggling evilly as he turned and dived Into a Portal, Theo laid weakly on the ground, feeling powerless as he couldn’t move a finger




He yelled, his heart becoming more weak as his eyelids looked sour, his eyes sighted a beautiful lady whose aura was suppressing, his vision became dark and blurry, everything became completely blanked as he managed to see her beautiful face


“Medusa???” TBC

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