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Chapter 26⃣⃣




Continuation from the last Episode:


The maiden who ran towards the palace was stopped by one of the guards as she made to enter the palace.


Ebuka: Does this look like a market place to you?


The Maiden: (Breathlessly and in her haste didn’t notice the quietness of the palace) Sorry, I am here to see the Igwe. Something has happened.


Ebuka: Why do you seek for Igwe Ofordili?


The Maiden: A creature from our river came out and grabbed Cheta into the river, it happened right in front of my eyes. There is no trace of Cheta anywhere. I came to report to the Igwe.


Ebuka: You can go back home, I will give your report to the Igwe immediately, you have done well. (The Maiden turned and left, running towards her hut to tell her parents what she saw. Behind her the palace she had entered faded with Ebuka in it.


Queen Amara who watched everything from her calabash smiled as she was able to deceive the maiden.)


Queen Amara: No one will save Cheta, now nothing can stand between my daughter and Ikenga and most importantly, Cheta won’t tell Ofordili her findings. I will have to kill Jidenna once everything has died down. (She looks at the calabash which showed the river where the beast had taken Cheta in.)




Queen Amaka: Mother have you gone nuts? I am talking about my daughter, your own granddaughter, who the beast took and probably will eat her and all you could think of is getting Ikenga to prove his undying love for her.


Nganga: Is that not Ikenga that I am seeing (she pointed down at the river where Ikenga was seen heading too) We will join hands when it’s time Amaka, I know what I am doing.


Queen Amaka: Until the beast eats up my daughter that’s when you know you will save her, right?


Nganga: Ikenga is a god of war, he will defeat the beast and save Cheta, doing so he has my full support.



Queen Amaka: The creature is from the river, how do you intend Ikenga to enter the river and fight the beast?


Nganga: Are we not watching Amaka? Nothing will happen to Cheta, what you should be thinking of is who can be able to summon that beast that only dwells at the depth of the river.


(Queen Amaka gave it a thought.)




Reaching the river Ikenga stopped at the bank of the river staring at it.


Cheta scent ended at the river.


Ikenga: Idemili, I know you can hear me loud and clear, I think your river swallows up my maiden, if you don’t want my trouble, bring out the maiden you’ve swallowed. (Nothing happened) You are daring me, Idemili!!


Meanwhile at the River World:


Idemili summoned all her beast at once.


Idemili: Who amongst you took a maiden from Ogidi Village? (None of the beast said a word.) If


you know you had taken the Maiden which belongs to Ikenga, return her to him if not I will grant him a passage to walk through and be here and he will sniff out his maiden. I am given you a choice. (None of the beast spoke a word, when Idemili saw none of her beast was ready to accept the crime she disappeared and appeared at the surface of the river.) I greet you Ikenga.


Ikenga: (Not attracted by her beauty) You swallowed my maiden Idemili.


Idemili: (Walking on top of the water she came closer to Ikenga who still stands at the bank of the river) I did not, it was one of my creatures who did, I have tried to talk to them but none of them would admit who took your maiden.


Ikenga: I am going in- ( Amadioha appeared next him)


Amadioha: Who took your maiden is Atika, Ikenga.


Ikenga: Make a passage for me to go to your river world Idemili, I need to teach Atika a big lesson so that next time he won’t dare touch my maiden or any maiden at all. Thanks brother, you’ve made it easier for me. (He entered the river)


(Idemili did as he said, the water rose around Ikenga creating a four corner wall around him, when the water dispersed, Ikenga was gone.)


Idemili: Atika is one of my strongest creatures, I don’t think Ikenga will defeat him.


Amadioha: Ikenga is the only god of war Idemili, Atika is no match for him. (No sooner he finished saying the words Ikenga came out of the river with Cheta in his arms. Her eyes were closed but her stomach showed she was still breathing.)


Idemili: (Surprised on seeing him) You didn’t waste time in the river world or didn’t Atika give you a tough time before admitting defeat?


Ikenga: Atika didn’t stand a chance against me, Atika yielded after a punch.


Amadioha: (gesturing at Cheta) Is she okay Ikenga?


Ikenga: Much okay, she is sleeping and will wake up soon, I came in time to stop Atika from eating Cheta and removed the water that might be in her system.


Idemili: But what will a creature who only move at night be seen at day time?


Amadioha: Atika was summoned by Cheta’s step mother (he looks up and lifted up his right hand to the air. Queen Amara who has been watching everything through her calabash was caught off guard when Amadioha hand came out of the calabash and held her by her head and dragged her into the calabash. Queen Amara whole body entered the calabash and she landed at the river with Amadioha fingers round her neck.)

C.H.E.T.A ( I Am Not Ugly)




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