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Chapter 14⃣⃣





Adapuruche: (Very shocked to her bones) Mother are you saying you made cheta Ugly?



Queen Amara: Yes I did.


Adapuruche: And you also made Jidenna imbecile because he ignored your warnings?


Queen Amara: (Without any feelings of remorse) Yes I did.


Adapuruche: But Jidenna is my brother, your son, the heir apparent to the throne.


Queen Amara: That is none of my business Adapuruche, we Giants do not take things lightly if one decides to flaunt our orders away.


Adapuruche: So do I have powers like you do since I am half Giant?


Queen Amara: No you don’t, half Giants doesn’t have powers. Your human side is the cause why you were powerless Adapuruche.


Adapuruche: But I have a question to ask mother.


Queen Amara: Okay, what question?


Adapuruche: How did father managed to kill a giant not just one but two Giants? I thought he was a human how is it possible?


Queen Amara: Ofordili was a great hunter who was involved in many charms, I think he learnt some things from his father who was also a great chief priest before his demise and use that to be able to kill my husband and my brother.


Adapuruche: Well if you are married before and choose to marry father for revenge, why then did you give birth to us?


Queen Amara: Their traditions demands that I give birth since I was the second wife. I had to make Amaka barren for Ofordili to take another wife.


Adapuruche: Did you use magic on him to make him marry you?


Queen Amara: No, my beauty draws him to me.


Adapuruche: What about Cheta’s mother, did you charmed him into wanting to kill her after making her go naked all round the village for a crime she did not commit?


Queen Amara: No, it was his choice, he did that with his clear eyes. I am only here to cause him pain and since I am married to him, he won’t suspect me. I won’t be exposed until the day I decided to leave and come back home.


Adapuruche: I still can’t believe you made Cheta so ugly mother. What if the gods are watching and counting your days?


Queen Amara: Nothing will happen, you don’t know where I am from or know the kind of mother I have.


Adapuruche: But why did you make Cheta Ugly mother?


Queen Amara: To make her mother and father hate her. Ofordili doesn’t like the sight of Cheta but her mother, she surprised me a lot when instead of hating and neglecting her daughter, she showed her love.


Adapuruche: For once mother I am glad you made Cheta Ugly if not, she will probably be as beautiful as I am. Only her skin shows how beautiful she would have been if her face wasn’t charred and for that I am saying a big thank you to you.


Queen Amara: (Nods her head and smile) You are welcome my daughter. Now that you know of my true nature and my mission, it is now left for you to choose either joining me or keep all these to yourself to avoid my wrath.


Adapuruche: Before you have finished your words mother, I have made up my mind to join you. As long as the young handsome man is mine and


Cheta doesn’t have him, I am willing to do whatever it takes. In other words, I choose to follow your path mother.


Queen Amara: (Clapping her hands) You have chosen well Adapuruche. (She hit the ground with her bare foot once and bend down to touch the forest ground and use the same hand to touch Adapuruche eyes. The princess eyes were opened spiritually and became scared when Adapuruche saw she was facing a big ugly Giant who was seated and facing her.) That is my mother, do not be scared of her.


Adapuruche: G-greetings (The Giant queen tilts her head to one side as if she was expecting something from Adapuruche) Grandmother. (The Giant Queen turn her gaze to Adapuruche and smiled showing her dirty coloured teeth.)


The Giant Queen: That is what I wanted to hear you say. Do not be afraid of me, I’m your grandmother.


Adapuruche: Okay.


Queen Amara: Mother I have told Adapuruche everything and she promised never to reveal my identity to anyone.


The Giant Queen: (Facing her daughter) I heard it all Amara, there was no need of telling me. (Turned her gaze to look at Adapuruche directly in her eyes) Are you ready to take back what was supposed to be yours from your sister?


Adapuruche: Yes grandmother, I am fully ready to take back what belongs to me.


The Giant Queen: That is all I need to hear (She place her two huge hands on her stomach and tore it open in the presence of Adapuruche. There was nothing in the stomach except darkness.) What do you see my granddaughter?


Adapuruche: (Clutching her eyes to look deeper into stomach filled with darkness.) I see a black apple grandmother.


The Giant Queen: Take it and eat it once you are awake, eat all of it, no single drop should remain. Once you’ve eaten it, powers will be bestowed on you. Use it and grab what you want from Cheta.


Adapuruche: Yes grandmother (Adapuruche put her hand inside the stomach and collect the black apple).


The Giant Queen: One more thing, the young man you wish to have isn’t a mortal, he is a strong god, be very cautious when you are around him.



Adapuruche: I will grandmother, thank you.


The Giant Queen: This discussion is over, return to your body for I have something important to discuss with your mother. (The Giant Queen closes her stomach as Queen Amara made a wave with one of her hands and Adapuruche disappeared.) Now, have you start your work Amara?


Queen Amara: Yes mother, by morning I will be expecting news.


The Giant Queen: Good, but you should know, the young man doesn’t belong to Adapuruche. I am doing this to make him an ally.


Queen Amara: I know that mother. I will do all my possible best to make him fall in love with Adapuruche. Mortals and gods will always have a weakness, I will find the weakness of that young man.


The Giant Queen: I have done my is left for you and Adapuruche to do yours.


Queen Amara: We won’t fail you mother.


The Giant Queen: I am counting on your words my daughter.


Queen Amara: I will summon you when I am in need of something. (She disappeared)




Adapuruche woke up from her sudden sleep. She stared at her left hand and saw the black apple she took from her grandmother. The oil lamp lit her room a little. She quickly ate the black apple, everything per instructed by her grandmother.


Once ate everything, she stood up from her bamboo bed and stared around her body to see if something strange would happen, but nothing happened.


Adapuruche: (Sitting on her bamboo bed) I thought once I ate the apple, my body will feel somehow, but none of that is happening. I will wait until the morning comes. (She lay back to sleep, hearing strange growl that filled the quiet night.)




Ikenga lay down on his bamboo bed immediately Onwa disappeared and slept off.


Opening his eyes, he saw himself in the presence of Amadioha, Anyanwu, Onwa and Njoku Ji all stopped what they were discussing as they noticed Ikenga’s presence.



Just like Ikenga and Onwa they all have dada (dreadlocks) and Amadioha dada was the longest and he smirked at Ikenga.


Amadioha: You didn’t mention you will be following Onwa immediately.


Ikenga: Shouldn’t I follow him? After all he said you wanted to see me.


Anyanwu: Yes, we all wanted to see you.


Ikenga: So good to see you brothers and I hope you are no more angry for what I did to you years back Amadioha?


Amadioha: No, it’s now bygone. I wouldn’t have sent for you if I still bear grudges Ikenga. Anyways, it’s good you are here.


Ikenga: I couldn’t wait anymore to know why you were calling me so here I am, what is it?


Amadioha: Do you know who your choose maiden mother is?


Ikenga: No, she once told me how they wanted to kill her mother and how a strange bird came to save her. Who is her mother?


Amadioha: Do you remember the biggest white eagle you once challenged years back?


Ikenga: (Trying to recall the past and his eyes widened in shock) Don’t tell me she is the granddaughter of Nganga?


Amadioha: She really is Ikenga.


Ikenga: Well I won’t allow the past to ruin the present. (Crossing his arms in his chest) I will still maintain my stand that she is at fault (Then remembered Cheta) But what about my maiden, Nganga won’t approve of our relationship.


Amadioha: Don’t worry yourself Ikenga, instead worry about the challenge you are about to face. Leave Nganga to me, I will go and talk to her.


Ikenga: Thank you Amadioha, I can’t afford to lose Cheta, but does she know who her mother is?


Amadioha: I’m afraid no, you will have to tell her yourself.


Ikenga: I will…(He stopped when he sense the presence of someone closer to his body.)


Amadioha: Go, I sense him too, be careful Ikenga at times not everyone who smile at you are your friends, some are foes in disguise.



Ikenga disappeared from their presence.


C.H.E.T.A ( I Am Not Ugly)


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