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It’s Monday evening and my emotions are all over the place, not because Lackson has found out the truth about me but because my father is scheduled to tour Shangombo District in a few days. I put the basin on the dining table before checking through everything to make sure that there is nothing I have left out.


Satisfied with it all, I go to the living room to call my bosses. ‘Dinner is ready.’ I say kneeling before them

‘Thank you.’ Mrs. Mubita says


I notice Olipa is busy on her phone and not paying attention to anything happening in the living room.


I know I don’t have any business left so I stand up and go to the kitchen where I usually have my meals from.


‘You are being called.’ Mundiya tells me



I don’t ask why but hoping that it’s nothing to do with the food ‘Why don’t you join us?’ Lackson asks

I look from Mr. Mubita to his wife, then Mulife to Olipa. Lastly to Lackson and I know immediately whose idea it was – his.


‘I am fine in the kitchen.’ I say


‘That is where she belongs so I don’t see why you want her to sit with us.’ Olipa says


He shoots daggers at her then focuses his attention back to me


‘Do you have a problem eating with us?’ he asks and I notice everyone is now looking at me


‘Not at all.’ I respond taking a sit next to Mundiya


Mulife says grace and food is passed around the table as everyone gets a share. For dinner I prepared mashed potatoes, stir fry vegetables and grilled pork chops.


‘I hear the Minister will be in tomorrow.’ Lackson begins ‘Daddy can I go see him.’ Mundiya begs

‘A man like that has no business with children Mundiya.’ ‘But daddy.’ He pleads but his father glares at him ‘Okay.’ He whines

‘You can see my father though.’ Olipa says happily ‘And who is your father?’ Mundiya asks


‘He is the Chief advisor to the president.’ ‘Dr. Monga?’ I ask

She rolls her eyes


‘Mr. Kapinga.’ Mulife responds


‘I thought Mr. Kanpinga reigned during the last Presidents era?’


I saw her face tighten


‘He still has connections.’ She hisses ‘Okay.’

There is an awkward silence.


‘For a maid you sure have a lot of information.’ Olipa says breaking the silence I look at her void of any emotions.

‘Where did you go to school?’ she asks when I don’t say anything I chuckle

‘I wouldn’t be a maid if I did go to school right?’ I ask wiping my mouth with a napkin


I see her frown, but I don’t care.


At this point I have lost appetite for the food but I can’t leave the table because it is ‘bad manners’ to do so before the elders.


When everyone is finally done, I gladly leave the table and start doing the dishes in the kitchen but I am shocked to see Mulife standing by the door watching me.


‘You don’t like Olipa do you?’


I want to laugh, I don’t have a reason to hate her neither do I have one to like her. But I understand where he is coming from.


‘She is not my favorite cup of tea.’ I manage to say


He grabs a kitchen towel and starts to dry the dishes I have washed ‘You know your mother will fire me if she finds you here.’

‘Well I will employ you.’


I laugh


‘You think I can’t manage to pay you?’


‘I think you are not capable of moving out of here.’


He touches the part where his heart is and makes a face as if hurt. ‘I am touched.’

I laugh


‘No honestly you think I can’t move out?’


Your wife is here, please tell me again why I should believe that you will move out.’


He sighs, he wants to say something but he is holding himself back. ‘There will be another gala Thursday night.’ He begins

‘And I will be your date.’ Olipa says walking in on us, he frowns. She kisses his cheek, hands wrapped around his waist



‘Of course you will.’ He says


She moves to his front and gets the tea towel from him.


‘Baby you know it is the maid’s job to do the house chores.’ ‘Is it?’

‘Yes, and your mother won’t be pleased to hear that you are here helping.’


She pauses to look at me from head to toe ‘Helping her.’

Lucky enough Mrs. Mubita calls for Mulife and he excuses himself, now it is just the two of us.


‘Thelma right?’ she begins ‘Yes.’ I say looking at her

‘I don’t know what games you are playing but Mulife shouldn’t be on your agenda.’ She threatens


‘You want me to stay away from Mulife?’ I ask ‘That is exactly what I am saying.’

‘By staying away you mean?’


She chuckles


‘Are you stupid or just dumb?’ she enquires


‘Neither of the two, but I don’t know if you realize it but we stay in the same house and time and again he will need something from me.’



‘No he won’t.’


‘Are you sure?’ I ask with a quizzical look ‘Yes.’ She snaps before walking away

I want to laugh because she doesn’t realize what she is up against but I let it go. As if my night hasn’t been eventful, Lackson walks in on me.

‘Antoinette.’ He calls ‘Stop calling me that.’ ‘But it is your name.’

‘Lackson what do you want?’ ‘Marry me.’

I want to laugh, but I notice he isn’t joking.


‘So I get your last name in exchange for your silence is that right?’


He nods his head


‘What’s in it for you?’ None of your business.’

He must really think I am stupid ‘I won’t.’ I respond

‘You know your father is coming here on Thursday right?’


‘And you do realize I am his only child and you have no idea what got me here so I can turn all this around and you can be the villain right?’


He scratches his head


‘Lackson do not underestimate what I can do, I am not a fool for deciding to work for your family. I had a plan and it is still in place, if you have issues with your brother sort them out and leave me out of this mess.’


He comes close and grabs my hand


‘I liked you the very minute you walked in here and I have been too kind, with the information I have on you I can ruin your life and that of your mother. Don’t dare me.’


At the mention of my mother’s name I know I have messed up, I let my enemy in on my secrets and now he is using it against me.

‘I guess that is a yes.’ He says kissing my forehead roughly Winnie


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