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‘Tyler.’ I scream


He looks at me with puppy eyes knowing that what he is doing is wrong ‘Mummy do you need help?’ Taylor asks

‘No baby I am fine.’ I say my eyes still fixed on Tyler who is now washing his hands


‘I could help with creaming the cake.’ He says his face brightening up


‘You are going to ruin it, it’s for daddy.’ Taylor responds as she comes to where I am standing


I feel drained just looking at the two, at seven these twins are giving me hell and to think that I am carrying another set of twins.


‘Uncle Jericho.’ Tyler screams when Connie walks in with the twins who are now eleven


‘I am only four years older than the both of you.’


‘Still our uncle.’ Taylor says and I can’t help but laugh


‘How are you?’ Connie asks ‘I am tired.’ I say tears falling ‘Oh hunny.’

She hugs me, this pregnancy is different from the first. There is little that doesn’t make me cry, I cry at literally everything. When the sun comes up I cry, when it goes down I cry. When my kids call my name I cry, when Mulife goes for work I cry. Even when he comes back, I still cry. And I just can’t help it. And did I

mention how the doctors haven’t been able to detect the virus in my body anymore? Well that makes me cry every day.


Everyone gets busy and helps set the table whilst I finish creaming the cake, every year we celebrate my husband’s birthday out of the country but this time we

couldn’t because of my condition. After I am done, I go to the bedroom to freshen up. I take off my clothes and look at myself on the mirror, at five months I am still beautiful. Despite it’s cons I am just glad to be carrying my babies who the gynecologist says are very healthy.


‘Aren’t you still the s£xiest woman I know.’ Mulife says


I can feel the tears building up, my skin is stretched. I have stretch marks on my belly and my waist and yet he still looks at me like the first time we had made love.


‘Allow the tears to fall.’ He teases coming behind me ‘Babe.’

‘How about I make love to my wife.’ He says grabbing my br**sts from behind


He fondles with my erect nipples in slow sensations, as he works, I turn around to help him out of his clothes. I don’t want to waste time, I just want him inside me. So as soon as he is completely naked, I move to the bed where I spread my legs for him, I can already feel the jerking movements from my lady parts. He smiles at me mischievously biting his lower lip. He places his lips on my lady parts, parting the lips with his tongue then begins to suck and lick.



I hear myself moan holding on to the beddings tightly almost begging him to stop but I want to feel the pleasure.


Then I feel him pound into me just when I least expect it. ‘Arggghhh.’ I scream still holding on tightly to the beddings

I feel him thrust a little more, whining his waist in the process. I know I am about to climax with the white cloud forming in my head.


‘Cum with me.’ I beg as he continues to thrust ‘Not just yet.’ He says pulling himself out ‘Babe.’ I beg but he smiles

He places his lips back on my lady lips and begins to suck all over again, I feel my toes curl.


He pushes himself again within me.


‘Now cum with me.’ He says and I don’t need to be told twice


My body begins to jerk and shudder in response to my climax, he grabs my back careful not to hurt me and arches himself deeper as he cums.


‘I love you.’


‘I love you.’ I respond


‘We are calling these twins Hazel and Hugo.’ ‘Whatever you say baby.’ I respond

I look at my husband as he places his hand on my belly bump and I couldn’t be more grateful to God for him.



BLEAK; that is what my future was. Just a girl born with a virus I didn’t ask for. Growing up in a broken, unpromising, unfavorable, disheartening, depressing, cheerless, joyless, gloomy, miserable and hopeless home. I must say above all this my calm nature and strong faith in a better tomorrow is what led me here. forgiveness mostly is hard, and it’s harder when you have to do it for yourself and not the person that wronged you. Sometimes finding closure is all that we ever want, knowing why certain things happened the way that they did. But I guess we can’t always get what we want. But we can make it how we want. With who we want, as long as they want us back.





I have written more inserts of this story in tears and doubt, wondering why mistakes our parents made have to affect us. This has been personal. It’s been a roller coaster because I have had to walk a path I chose not to, I have had to cry tears I didn’t think would be there, the silent nights holding on to a pillow so close

so that no one hears, discovering generational mistakes that are causing heartaches, it’s been hard. But I want to thank you, for the continuous response, support, cheer and even the advice you were giving because I took it. This has been a personal journey. Very personal. And I want you to always remember if you are not infected; you are affected. And I pray God gives each one of us strength to handle such situations when faced with them.


Your friend and author Winnie


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