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I spot Lerato and Jayden on our usual spot, Mulife is not there. I must say I have grown a pretty tough skin for myself when it comes to stigma, maybe that is why I don’t allow a lot of people in because of this. But really I feel for Lerato, she is not a fool. She loves Jayden with everything in her and I also know she will not hesitate to walk out of their relationship because like me she knows her worth. But I won’t be the one to break her heart, I would rather Jayden finds enough rope to hang himself.




‘Hey babe.’ Lerato says standing up to hug me




‘Hey.’ I say hugging her longer than intended




‘Hey Jayden.’ I say when I let go of Lerato




‘Hey.’ He responds




‘Babe I just came to apologize, I am afraid I won’t be able to join you for dinner. Coming up with a running stomach.’ I lie




‘Are you sure you don’t want to see a doctor, it could be serious.’ She says worriedly




‘No hunny I will be fine, maybe it’s something I ate at work.’ I lie some more








‘Hugo is almost here, I will ask him to drive you home at least that way I know you will be safe.’




‘Babe I am fine, besides I have my car.’




‘Nonsense, I will drive your car. Jayden has some business to attend to later so at least I won’t be regretting leaving my car behind.’ She says




I don’t argue with her, so we agree that Hugo drives me home and here I am giving him directions to my place.




‘It had to take a fake illness to know your place huh?’ he asks as he drives into my yard




I don’t respond, it’s only now that the words from those ladies are sinking in.




‘You can leave now.’ I say getting out of the vehicle but he follows me




‘What is really wrong with you?’




‘Mulife just go.’ I say my voice almost breaking but he comes quickly and holds me from the back




My tears betray me, I haven’t cried in a long time and this moment here feels like six years ago when I had lost my mum. That evening when I had told him the truth about my illness and he had just stood there wordlessly holding my waist, and now he was doing it like he did back then and I couldn’t help but cry.




He doesn’t say anything but holds me, like it is the only thing that matters. When I am finally calm he walks me to the house, we are both quiet. I don’t even invite him inside but he welcomes himself.




‘This is a beautiful place you have here.’ He says




I smile, he sure knows how to distract me.






‘Thank you.’ I respond




‘You are welcome.’




He makes himself comfortable whilst I head to my bedroom, I take a quick shower before getting into warm and comfortable pajamas.




I am surprised he has made himself comfortable in my kitchen.




‘Hai.’ He says as I stand there looking at him




‘Hey you.’ I say going to the fridge








‘I quit five years ago.’ He responds




‘Wow, what happened?’ I ask as I pour some sun kissed red rose into a glass






He laughs




‘Trust me you don’t want to be bored.’




‘Please tell me.’ I beg as he moves about taking over my kitchen




‘What are you doing even?’ I ask lifting my weight so I am on top of the kitchen table




‘I guessed you haven’t eaten and so I wanted to make us dinner.’




I smile, alwaysthoughtful.




‘So what are youmaking?’




‘Noddles.’ He responds




‘Mulife?’ I ask bewildered














‘I never told you that I can cook did I?’ he asks unashamed




I laugh, so hard my insides hurt.




He comes where I am with a bowl in his hands.




‘Open your mouth.’ He commands




‘You are trying to feed me worms?’ I ask




He tickles my sides and it sends me into a frenzy of laughter.




‘Now open your mouth.’




I do as told and he puts a spoonful of noodles into my mouth




‘This tastes nice.’ I compliment as he places another spoonful




‘Please swallow.’




I look down embarrassed but he makes me face him and he laughs at me making me hit him playfully




‘You are so cute when you are embarrassed.’




‘Cute is for puppies.’




‘My puppy.’




I hit him again and he laughs




He continues to feed me until everything is done on my plate then makes me drink some orange juice.






‘That wasn’t so bad was it?’ he asks standing between my legs




‘Um um.’ I say shaking my head




‘Thank you.’




‘You owe me a meal.’ He responds and I look at him bewildered




‘Oh yes you do.’ He says doing a happy fools dance




‘I am happy to see you.’ He tells me looking deep into my eyes




‘I am happy you are here.’ I say




We share a silent moment, no words between us are spoken until I clear my throat.




‘It’s getting late.’




‘Can I see you tomorrow?’




‘My weeks are usually busy.’




‘How about I invite you to my place? Make you dinner perhaps?’




He leaves the question hanging in the air




‘I would love that.’ I say with a little doubt in my voice




‘Speak your mind child.’




I chuckle at his humor




‘What happened to Olipa?’




He sighs deeply



‘She is around.’ He says without much enthusiasm in his voice




‘She is somewhere here in Lusaka.’




‘Oh.’ I say looking away




‘Hey, look at me.’




He makes me face him




‘I am not with Olipa, things couldn’t work out between us.’




‘What happened?’




‘It’s something I am not ready to talk about.’






‘In due time I will tell you, but right now let’s forget about her.’ He says moving closer to where I am




‘What are you doing?’




‘Something I should have done a long time ago.’ He says moving close to where I am




He places his lips gently on mine then begins to kiss me slowly until I part my lips and allow his tongue in. he kisses me deeply, his hands on my waist. The way he holds my waist, there is just something about it that makes me so lost I want to stay in that moment with him.




I wrap my hands around his neck and gently caress it, light moans escape my mouth. His left hand has found its way beneath my pajama top and he is slowly reaching for my br**sts, he touches the right one and gently squeezes it before he starts making small circles around my erect nipple. My lady parts are now wet, I want him to do things to me. Things that I only dream of but I am scared, I have never been with any man. And just when I decide to make up my mind his phone rings, we both try to ignore it but it won’t stop.




‘Take it.’ I say almost inaudible




‘You sure?’








He removes it from his pocket and we both stare at the caller ID; Olipa.






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