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Episode 29

Babysitting The Bad


[Secrets and Romance















Rico’s POV


The kiss got intense and I walked her to my bed.

I made her lie down on the bed slowly with me on

top of her.


I Kissed her neck, her shoulder, ear lobe, her

forehead, then back to her lips.

I continued sucking and biting on her lower lips until she forcefully disentangled from the kiss panting



I smirked and kissed her neck again then slowly

started going to her br**st.

I pushed one of my hand to her br**st. She wasn’t putting on a bra. She was just on singlet so it was easy to play with her br**st.

She moaned out immediately my hand went to it.

After fondling it for a while I took my teeth to her

nipple and gave it little sweet bites.







She gasped and almost pushed me away.

I slowly removed her singlet down her shoulder

coming in direct contact with her medium size


Her pinkish nipples were so hard and I took one of em in my mouth and s**k*d from it.

Her moans increased as I did that, It didn’t take

long when she started ruffing my hair.

After s**k*ng from her left br**st for a while I took

my mouth to the second and did likewise.


Then I took her singlet off completely making her

semi naked.

I kissed her tummy down to her lower abdomen

and then when I got to her V area she cringed

almost jerking me off.

I slowly pulled off her shots leaving her with only

p**t. I smiled as the realization hit me.

I’m really gonna be doing this.

I looked up and my eyes met with hers but she

quickly looked away.





I chuckled at the thought that she’s being shy. I

mean what for?


I kissed her V wall and felt her vibrate.

Well this must be her first I guess.

Then I stopped kissing her V wall and slowly slid in a finger into her wet p***y.

She screamed slowly immediately I did that, then I

took my lips back to hers still pulling my one finger



Its was really tight so I was pulling in slowly.


I continued kissing her still doing my thing then I felt my whole one finger in. I started thrusting into her slowly and she moaned into my mouth.

After some minutes I made it two fingers and this

time she pulled away from the kiss, panting.

I took in her lips which has become pretty red and

continue kissing her still fingering her p***y.


She was dripping wet down. My fingers were filled

with her wetness and soon she pushed me away

with her eyes widely open.

“I think…i think I’m gonna cum” she panted.





“Then do it, its no problem” I replied softly and

kissed her again.

Soon she let out a light scream and she cumed on

my hand.

I smiled as she breathed a sigh of relief.


Now its time for the main thing.

I pulled down her p**t completely and took off my


She covered her eyes when she saw me doing that and I chuckled.


Silly nanny.


I positioned myself very well and spread her legs



Her hands were still covering her eyes when I took my c**k into the entrance of her p***y. She jerked immediately she felt my c**k and I removed her

hands from her eyes and kissed her.

My one hand held her cheek while the other held

my c**k as I fixed it properly to her entrance and

started penetrating into her.

I deepened the kiss when I notice that the pain

could multiple.







Slowly and slowly i continued penetrating into her

until I couldn’t anymore.

Then I started thrusting into her slowly and



She held unto me like I was gonna run away if she frees me.

臼Kendra’s POV臼

Oh my gosh! Rico is finally gonna kill me, I thought as I felt a cut in my V area.


I guess I’m no longer a virgin but I’m glad its him.

I’m glad its Rico.

I held tightly unto him the moment he started

thrusting deeply into me.

I pulled out from the kiss and folded my lips tightly

to avoid screaming out as he screwed me.

The pains were unbearable. It felt like hell coming

down on me.

He continued doing that for a while increasing the

speed in his thrust in every minutes.

As he moved faster the pain becomes more








After a long time, I felt myself unable to bear it



“Rico stop” I mumbled tiredly and soon he pulled

out from me and lie down beside.

I panted and turned backing him on the bed.

I felt him cover me with the duvet and a tear

screamed down my eyes.

“I’m sorry” I heard him say into my ear.

“And I love you” he added and I managed to shake my head and soon drifted into sleep.


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