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Episode 25

Babysitting The Bad


[Secrets and Romance]


Rico’s POV

I took steps further into the room and stopped in

front of him.


He has already poured out a little quantity of the

drink into a cup I didn’t see early and has taken out of it.


“Cole?” I called and squatted down.







“Hey” he said in a cracked up voice.

“What are you doing here?” He added.

“Cole” I called again and paused to think of the

right words to use.

“ here to apologize for everything. I don’t

really know and I’m ashamed right now but I hope

you forgive me.”


“First for not trusting you and second for not

knowing your feelings for..for pearl then and now

Kendra to the fight and…I’m really sorry for

everything” I apologized.

He remained mute and drank from his cup instead.

“Hey, will you stop drinking that?” I asked and tried collecting the cup from him but he held it tight and gulped down the drink but I was quick to take the main bottle away from him before he pours himself another glass.


“I just wanna get tipsy, why don’t you grant me that favour Ric?”

“I’m the one that is embarrassed and ashamed

because I have a brother like Nick and without that drink I’m afraid I can’t even look at your face” his





voice came out husky this time and his gaze on the floor.


“No, you don’t have to feel that way Cole, I am the

one at fault if I didn’t accuse you wrongly all those

shit couldn’t have happened” I opposed.

“No, no, I don’t blame you but myself, even I was

confused at the letter. I was sure it was my hand

writing but I didn’t know how and when I wrote it. I

could have kept on trying to make you believe me

but I also got mad and it turned out this way” he

hushed and coughed.

He stopped coughing and coughed again.

“Hey, Col, are you okay?” I inquired at alert.

“Cole?” I called again when he wasn’t answering



“Cole?” I called now holding him.

He kept coughing and stopped after a while.

“Hey man, what the hell? You scared shit outta me” I groaned and he chuckled.

“Help me get up” he stretched his hand to me and I took it and pulled him up.





Immediately we got up he fainted and almost fell

down but i was quick enough to hold him again.

“Cole? Cole?” I called getting more scared.

What the f**k!




β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

I stayed up in my room looking really lost in



What’s happening? Why can’t I get a grip of him at least to apologize, I thought to myself and jerked out of my thoughts immediately my cell phone

started ringing.

I stood up from the bed and went to take it from the makeup table.

I picked the call up in realization that it was Rico on the line.


Hey Rico


Ken, I need you to come to the hospital I was

admitted in the last time.


Huh! Why?


Its cole. He is sick.







Cole? Sick? I don’t understand.

Just come over.


Oh yea.


He cuts the call and I placed my hand on my chest suddenly becoming scared.

How come he’s sick? He looked okay when i saw

him early.


I rushed towards my closet and picked out a shirt

and skirt putting them on immediately, then I

rushed out after that.

I told one of the guards there to drive me in the van that usually takes us to school since the driver

wasn’t around he agreed and took me to the



I got down and called Rico again and he came out

to meet me.


“Rico? What’s happening? I don’t understand, why is he suddenly sick?” I rushed my words.

“Well, the doctor said he has been consuming too

many strong drinks lately which is not good for his






“He is too young for such drinks so…”

“Okay, so where is he?” I inquired cutting him off.

“Well, I’ll take you there” he cooed and held my

hand walking me to the ward.

We got to his ward and he beckoned on me to get

in and I did.

I opened the door and got in.

His eyes were fixed on the ceiling but he quickly

took them to mine.



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