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Episode 15

Babysitting The Bad


[Secrets and Romance]










(I need to get to her)

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

After answering all their questions at the station I

left for the hospital Rico has been admitted to.

I’ve decided to just leave after he wakes up.

I can’t do it anymore. I’ll just go away.


I stare into his face as he sleeps.


The doctor said he’ll wake up anytime soon and

that’s what I’ve waiting for.


For him to wake up so I can leave.


My phone started vibrating from my bag and went

and answered it.


Hello Nick.


cole, is asking for you.

He woke up?


Yes, just now and he has been asking for you.

Alright, I’m coming.





I cut the call and kept it into my bag. Took a glance at Rico and left.

This might also be the last time I’ll be seeing him.

I boarded a cab immediately I got outside the

hospital straight to the hospital Cole was admitted.

I got there in no time and sighted Nick standing in

front of the hospital as if waiting for me.


“Hey Nick” I waved and went to him.

“Hey, come see him” he said and I followed him.

We got to his ward and he opened it letting me in.

There was Cole sitting on the bed while starring at

the ceiling.

“Hey” I cooed sitting on a chair beside him.

“Hey” he replied and sighed.

“I’m sorry for what happened. I loss my thinking. I

wasn’t thinking straight” he apologized.

“Its alright cole, what’s done is done.”


“Cole, I really want to confess something to you

which I’ve not been able to” I said after a long








“Um..what is it?”


“Um…I understand you guys fought because of me but I still ended up choosing you even tho I had no feelings for you.”


“Cole, I’m sorry but I’ve gat no feelings whatsoever for you so I thought you should no about it” I cooed.

“Well, I don’t care” he retorted bluntly.



“Yes ken, I no you don’t but that doesn’t mean you can’t still develop feelings for me. If you stop seeing Rico your feelings for him will fade I promise” he

said looking at me.

“Cole, I don’t think its possible because I’ve also

tried to love…”

“And I don’t care ken, you promised me. Don’t go

back on your promise” he cut in.

“Um…I’ll get going now” I said standing up.

“What? So soon? Ken?” He kept calling but I

couldn’t turn back and look at him.

So, he knew but still pretended not to. And now his caging me with my promise to him.





Anyways I’m leaving so it doesn’t change anything.

My parents said they’ll be leaving a day after

tomorrow so its perfect timing to run away.


To run away from these thing.


I took a cabby and left for the hospital Rico was

admitted to.


I really hope he has woken up cause I want to

leave as soon as possible.

I’m sure the cops already informed Mr and Mrs

Salvador about what happened.

I got to the hospital in no time and saw mansion

coming out of his ward.

“Mason?” I called stopping on my tracks.

“Hey ken, where did you go to? Rico just woke up

and can’t find you” he cooed.

“He just woke up?” I asked again to be sure.

“Yes” he replied and made to work pass me but I

stopped him.

I brought out the phone Rico bought me and

handed it over to him.





“Help me give it to him” I said.

“Huh, why!?” He asked puzzled.

“Just hand it over to him, I won’t be able to see him” I cooed and turned back leaving the hospital and he stood watching me.

I got outside and boarded a cab to where my

parents are.


I’ve suddenly loss the confident to talk to him.


So that means I won’t ever see him ever again? I

thought and bursted to tears.

Everything is messed up. I should have listened to



I should have broken up with cole when I still has

the time.


Ijust f**k*ed it up and now I’m leaving them.

He is going to be heart broken but what can I do?

“Miss, are you okay?” The cabby man asked

looking at me through the mirror and I nodded



“I’m okay, just get there soon” I muttered amid








Rico’s POV

“Its really weird” Mason said to himself walking into my ward with Kendra’s phone.

“Hey, what are you doing with her phone?” I

inquired immediately.

“Kendra gave this to me. She gave this to me when I told her you’ve woken up and she turned back and left the hospital” he explained and I became


“Sh..she gave you this?” I asked collecting the

phone from him.


“Yes, a few minutes ago” he replied.

Shit, is she really doing this? I thought and made to go down from the bed but couldn’t.

Gosh those foolish cops has cuffed my hand to the f**k*ng bed so I won’t be to leave if I wanted to.

“Get this cuff off me” I groaned to Jason who was

sitting beside me.

“I can’t, I don’t have the Keys and their are cops

outside the hospital, your ward so we can’t help

you” he retorted.






“Oh f**k!”


“Then help me go stop her, stop her from leaving” I said looking from Mason to Jason.

“We can’t either, we aren’t allowed to leave the

hospital. Dad f**k*ng instructed them not to let any of us leave the hospital” mason replied.

“Oh f**k. Just find a way to do it, I’ll just come back before they notice” I pleaded to them but they

shook their heads negatively.

“It’s not possible this time big brother. Dad made

sure of it” Mason cooed sitting down on the bed

beside me.

But, I really need to get to her. I need to get to her

before she leaves.

I can’t let her leave without seeing and apologizing her.

I really loss my mind back then. I just wanted to

prove that I love her.


I wanted to tell cole know that I could do anything to have but now I’m regretting it.


I’m regretting my actions now.

I really need to get to her.



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