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Episode 6

Babysitting The Bad


[Our Nanny]



β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

I turned around and went back to the place kora asked me to wait for her.

“Before I got there, I already saw her pacing up and down probably wondering where I went too.”


She sighted me and came to me.

“Kendra, where did you go to?”

“You kept me worried, she cooed.”

I’m so sorry,I just saw Rico and decided to follow him secretly but he caught me anyways, I explained.

“Huh, you followed him?” She asked puzzled as we started off again.

“Yes, I just wanted to no where and what his up to, I replied.”

“OK then, here take this, she said handing a paper which I guess should be the time table.”

I collected it and kept it inside the bag I was carrying.

Yes I carried the bag with me.

And wait….

She said and paused again.


We need an empty locker gosh!! She said placing her hand on her temples.

We forgot that one again.


“Well, remind me to get it for you first thing tomorrow, she said as we walked.”

We got to a place and wow!


It was the canteen.


Its really huge.



Everything in this school is perfect.


Super perfect.


We went to an empty table and kora beckoned on me to sit.

I sat while she went to where the food sellers are.

I kept looking around in amazement.

Its beautiful.

She came back few minutes later with two trays.

She placed one tray in front of me and one in her front.

It contains the same meal.


Waffle,sausage,grapes, apple and apple drink with vanilla cup ice cream.

“What??” I exclaimed in shock and she looked at me puzzled.

“You bought all this just for lunch?” I asked with wide eyes.



“But I thought you don’t have much money?” I asked.

“Well, yes but this are cheap but not that cheap, she replied.”


“Let’s just eat okay?” She said and started eating.

I joined her, after a while I started hearing giggling, cheers and silent talks.

Looks like everyone was looking in one direction.

I turned towards where they were looking and there I saw Rico, Mason and Jason coming in.



Rico was in the middle of em.

Some ladies were even smiling foolishly and waving at them but they seems not to care.

They went to a table and sat.

I noticed that table and chairs are kinda different from the rest.

It was more big and more chairs where arranged round it away from the rest.

They sat down roughly and brought out there phones.

Three fruit sellers showed up with trays and placed it in front of them.

Jason whispered something to one of the sellers and she left and later came back with a cup of juice.

“Do they eat fruit all day?”


I took my eyes away from them and continued with my unfinished business and after a while I heard same noise raise up again.


“Okay? What’s going on this time?”


“Is it the country’s president this time?”

I turned my eyes to the direction of the door and saw Rico and his brother.

They walked pass us and wanted to sit at a table but cole paused and looked at Rico who was already glaring daggers at him.

Cole smirked and left the chair he was pulling out then turned.



He ran his eyes all over as if looking for someone.


All attention were placed on him.

“What or who is he looking for?”


Then his eyes met mine and my heart missed a beat.

I quickly took my eyes away from him but noticed him coming close to our table.

“Hold on; hope its not what am thinking.”

He got to our table and stopped.

I raised my eyes again to look at him and the spoon in my hand fell off.



His more handsome when his closer.

“Hey, he cooed and I turned to look at kora who was also puzzled.”

She was starring at him nonstop.


We both kept quite starring at him.

“Can I sit with you?” He asked and kora and I looked at ourselves at the same time then back at him.


“Who is he talking to exactly?”


“Can I?” He asked after we didn’t reply.

“Y..Yes, kora replied and he sat down.”

He snapped his hand and a Waiter walked up to us.

“Get them what they want, he said and I gulped.”


What’s this guy saying?

Did he say them??


Maybe I heard wrongly.

We don’t even no each other.

He might be here for kora.

Its best I leave them be.

As the waiter talked to kora asking her the things she want.

I stood up slowly and was about leaving but his voice stopped me.

“Where are you going?” He asked and I gulped hard and turned to look at him.

Kora was also starring at me.


“What am I saying?” The whole school were starring at me.

Even Rico and the twins.

I suddenly felt sweat forming on my fore head.

What’s happening?


“Where to?” He asked after he noticed my silence.

I…um.. I wanted to leave you two alone, I replied and he scoffed.

“Am actually here for you, he said and I became more confused.”

I looked at kora who was also starring at me.

“Me…Me? I asked pointing at myself and he nodded.”

“Sit, he said and I sat down back.”

My gaze focused on the table as the waiter asked me what I was gonna take.

I’m..I’m..okay already, I replied and cole scoffed.

“Am not taking that as answer, he said.”

I looked at kora and then to the waiter.


“Get me what she asked for, I told her and the waiter left.”

“Alright seems this won’t do kendra, cole suddenly spoke up and I raised my head to look at him.”


“What is he insinuating?”


“We’re gonna do this some other time, I’ll fix another meeting with you later, he said and smiled.”

“Later, he cooed and went to meet his brother.”

Before he sat he took a glance at Rico before sitting.

I don’t understand all this at all.

Kora kept starring at me.


“Kendra, what just happened?”

“Do you no each other?” She asked.

I swear that I’ve never met or talked to him before kora, am as confused as you,I replied and she sighed.

“Something is up, she said under her breathe.”

The waiter returned and served us what cole bought for us.



At home



Cole’s POV

“You must be kidding me right?” Nick yelled.

“Stop yelling bro, I hushed as I took a sip from my shot. ”

“You’re gonna ask her out? Like ask her to be your girlfriend for revenge? ”

“Are you kidding me??” Nick continued yelling.

“So what?” I asked as I looked up at him.


He was standing at my front.

“You can’t, he said bluntly.”

“Why can’t I?” That nigga disgraced and accused me wrongfully.

“You just can’t cole, there are a lot of reasons why you can’t do it, nick said. ”

“What’s number one reason nick? Tell me?” I demanded.

”You’re gonna fall in love with her, he cooed.”

“I can’t and won’t,I replied.”

“Who are you kidding Cole?” You will.

“You and I no that you fall in love at the snap of a finger and once you fall in love with her its dangerous for you, he said.”

I said I can’t, I insisted.

“You will because that kendra is really pretty and who knows if you haven’t already, he nagged again.”


I said I can’t, I yelled and threw the glass cup with me on the wall breaking it in the process.

He sighed knowing fully well that I’ve gotten angry.

“Suit yourself, he said and left while I continued drinking.”



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