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Episode 29

Babysitting The Bad


[Our Nanny]



(Do I like her?)

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

“Um…I…you..see” I stuttered not knowing what to say.

I took my hand to my chest and started calming myself down.

“What is it nanny? Do you need water?” She asked and I nodded.

She came down from the bed and took the jug which was kept beside cole and offered it to me.

She ran back to get the cup and also gave it to me.

I poured large quantity of water into the cup and drank it all in one gulp.

I exhaled in relieve and she collected the water and kept it back.

“I think its time we head home back” I said and immediately stood up.

“Huh! But we just got here, I wanna stay with my crush for long” she said and I pulled a puzzled look on.


“Your crush?” I asked and she shook her head positively.

“Um..Angie you no we didn’t inform your parents so next time when we inform them we can come back” I assured and pat her hair backward.

“Alright. Bye crush” she said to cole and cole smiled at her.

“Bye baby” he replied and she went out leaving us both.

“Um..I’ll get going now” I said starring at the floor.

His facial expression changed immediately Angie mentioned about me being together with Rico.

He forced a smile and nodded.



“I’ll see you on Monday then” he replied and I nodded and left his ward.

Huh! He acted a bit awkward.

I met Angela waiting outside the ward and I grabbed her tiny hand as we left the hospital.

“But Angie….why did you call cole your crush?” I asked.

“Well, his my crush and I like him a lot” she replied and I laughed.

This tiny girl is really something else.


She’s not even shy saying it…too bold…way too bold.

We got outside the hospital and got into the waiting car and was taken to the mansion afterwards.

Rico’s POV

I’ve been thinking and smiling to myself for the past few hours.

I laid down to sleep but couldn’t even sleep.

What was that really?


When I recall what happened between us few hours ago I’ll end up smiling.

But why?


Why did I even ask Angela to follow her?


I think I wanna monitor her movements that’s all right?

But why did I wanna monitor her movement?

This is way too strange for me.


I had left school in anger after confirming that mom and dad won’t be coming home until tomorrow evening.


All my anger vanished immediately I saw her starring at me.

The way she drooled makes me feel really strange.




I need to confirm my suspicion.

I really need to find out what all this feelings means.

The door opened interrupting my thoughts.

“Geez Angela! Can you at least knock next time?” I asked sitting up.

She ran to the bed and climbed on it totally ignoring my question.

“I followed nanny kendra out” she said.

“Oh you did?” I asked facing her.

“Yes, you probably didn’t notice because you were busy smiling to yourself” she replied and I chuckled and pinched her tiny cheek.

“Now tell me. Where did you two go to?” I asked with so much focus.

“Well, you have to give me my barbie doll first” she said extending her hand.

“See Baby, I have been in this room since you left. Okay tell me and I’ll order it for you yea?” I said.

“No, you’ll have to give me first” she insisted.

“Angie am going to give you the toy okay? Just tell me first” I pressed.

“Promise?” She asked bringing her smallest finger.

“Yea promise” I replied and pressed my smallest finger to hers.

“Alright now tell me. Where did you two go to?” I asked again.

“To see my crush” she replied.

“Your crush? You mean cole?” I asked.

“Yes, who else?” She replied.

“Where? His house?” I asked.


“No, the hospital” she replied.

Oh that jerk is still at the hospital. Well serves her him, I thought to myself.

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“So what exactly happened there? Did you guys play or what?” I asked.

“You mean did something happen between the two of them? Cole and nanny Kendra” she said and I scratched my neck.

“Who the hell did this girl take after?” I wondered as I starred at her.

“I’m I right?” She asked peering into my eyes.

“Well…yes, did anything happen there?”

“Well no, but I left them together so am not sure” she replied.

“But why did you leave them together?” I asked almost yelling.

“Huh! Why are you getting angry at me? Why didn’t you follow her yourself then?” She asked and pouted her lips.

I exhaled and looked away.

“You can go, I’ll order your toy now” I said and laid down back.

I took my phone from the headstand and ordered her barbie toy.

I promised to get her one.

She likes toys a lot despite she’s always acting like a grown up but dad won’t let her have one.

“Aren’t you leaving?” I asked noticing that she’s still on the bed.

“Alright. I’ll go to Jason’s room you can eat yours” she half yelled and left.

What is wrong with her?


She’s the worse amongst us.


She gets angry a lot.

But did anything happen between cole and Kendra?



I don’t no. Why am I even thinking about it? I thought and shook my head.


Cole’s POV

I laid on the hospital bed thinking about what Angela said.

Is something going on between them?

I mean why will they spend the night together even tho she’s babysitting them?



She looked really guilty.

Is she perhaps dating him?

Ah no way!


Its can’t be possible.

I mean how will she do that kind of thing?

She’s my girlfriend why will she date him?

I kept turning on the bed restlessly.

But why the hell am I bothered?


Why is it annoying thinking that they spent the time together?


What is really wrong with me?

Or do I like her?


Ah no way.


Nick can’t be right about that.

I don’t really plan on falling for her.

Geez what am I going to do?


I think I’ve really fallen for her?


Christ I shouldn’t have done this.

How do I tell her then?

How do I explain things to her?


If I have fallen for her then I can’t use her anymore.

How the hell do I tell her everything?

About my feelings and the truth?




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