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Episode 27

Babysitting The Bad


[Our Nanny]

(Silly feeling)

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

I finished washing myself and left for the mansion.

Thank goodness tomorrow is weekend so I won’t have to face the students.

I feel so ashamed.

The driver took me to the mansion and returned to school to pick kora.

I went into my room and showered again then changed into a different cloth.

I walked downstairs afterwards and met Angela watching cartoon.

“Hey Angie” I called and walked pass her to the kitchen.

“Hey nanny kendra, why are you back?” She asked following me into the kitchen.

“Em..something came up so I had to come back” I replied pouring water into a glass cup.

“So how about my brothers? When are they coming home?” She asked.

“Well, when the school is over they’ll be back” I replied.

“Alright, you still haven’t answered my questions nanny” she said after a while.

“What questions?” I asked pretentiously.


“About you and Rico” she replied.

“Angie nothing is really going on between your brother and I” I replied and squatted to her size.

“Hmm” she hummed and pouted her lips.

“I’ll see ” she replied and walked out of the kitchen.

But what is she really implying?


This little girl.


I drank my water and dropped the cup inside the sink and left to the sitting room. She has returned to her position.

“But where are your parents Angie?” I asked her.

“They went for convention and won’t be returning until tomorrow evening” she replied and I nodded.

Aha! I forgot to check up on cole.


“I’ll be back Angie” I said and rushed up stairs.

I went into my room and searched for the phone he gave me.

I brought out the phone and dialed his number. His number is the only contact I have.

He picked up at the second ring.

Hi babe



You’re at home already?

Yea, had to come back because of something.

Why don’t you come see me then? I can’t. I have something really important going on here.

Alright, see you on Monday then.


Yea, take care.


I dropped the call and exhaled.

Now that problem is solved.

I heard car hones and looked out through the window.

That seems to be Rico’s car.

What’s he doing home by now?

I dropped the phone on top of the bed and rushed downstairs.

I got to the sitting room and Angela was already asleep on the couch.

The door opened almost immediately and Rico appeared.

“Hey, why are you home?” I asked but as expected he ignored me and went upstairs.

I followed him slowly and when he got into his room he slammed the door close.

I turned back and went into my room.

Why? Why is he here?


What will I say if Mrs Rebecca ask me about it?

“No, I’ll have to find out in anyway possible.”

I walked to his door and knocked softly on it but didn’t get a reply.

I knocked for the second time but still nothing.

I touched the door knob and turned it.

I got in and didn’t see him.

Huh! Is he out already? I wondered coming in fully.

“Rico”I called but didn’t get a reply.




Maybe he’s out, my inner mind told me and I turned back to leave but heard foot steps.

He came out from the bathroom dripping wet.

I opened my mouth to say something but suddenly forgot how to talk.

He was only putting on a short and all his body is covered with water.

His wet hair glued to his face making him extraordinary handsome.

“What do you want now?” He asked starring at me but I couldn’t say a word.

He noticed how I was starring at him and started approaching me.

I gulped down nervously trying to shake that silly feeling off.

I took a step back so he’ll stop coming closer but no he kept coming close and I kept moving back till my body was pressing hard against his door.

I don’t really no what’s wrong but it seems like my sense has travelled.

He rested one of his hand on the door facing me.

We continued starring at ourselves and he suddenly took his other hand to my hair caressing it downwards.

“I see you came for me, huh!?” He spoke in the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard. His hand suddenly left my hair and he took it to my chin and raised it up a bit.

“I think its high time I do this” he cooed and leaned closer to me.

His breathe fanned my face and my breathing stopped for a moment.

What…? What is he doing?

His eyes left mine and travelled to my lips.

With his hand still on my chin he took one of his fingers to touch my lips.

Then he came closer again and again.

Now our nose has touched each others.


He stayed like that for a while and finally placed his lips on mine.



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