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Episode 21

Babysitting The Bad


但[Our Nanny] 但




(I’m scared, don’t ever leave me)


Rico’s POV

I slowly stood up from her.

“N…nothing” I replied regretting why I had to cover her.

She stood up on her feet immediately.

“Were you trying to cover me with the blanket?” She asked again.

“I said nothing alright. Get out of my room” I replied scattering my hair as I sat down on the bed.

She walked towards me and sat down on the bed beside me.

“Were you really trying to cover me with the duvet?” She kept asking pissing me off.

I stood up still regretting what I did.

I needed to cool my head.

I walked to my drawer where I kept my cigarette but couldn’t find it.

Oh! Dad is around. Mason and Jason could have thrown all of em away.

But I really need to smoke.


I went to my closet and picked a jacket to cover myself and left the room.

I turned back to see kendra following me but I ignored her and took the back door where I won’t get to run into mom or dad.

I got outside to the garage and noticed she was still following me.

“Where are you going?” She asked as I opened the car door but I ignored her.

Do I need to tell her?

I got in and ignited the car and surprisedly she entered through the other side.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Well, since you refused to tell me where you’re going, its better I find out myself right?” She asked smiling.

“Are you well? Get off!” I groaned.

“If you don’t get off then take whatever you see” I said and drove out of the mansion.

I started driving in excess speed and she screamed.

“What the f**k are you doing Rico?? You are gonna get us killed!!” She yelled but I ignored her and increased.

“Oh no!! I didn’t plan my death now” she cried and I laughed inside of me.

“Please Rico! Please I beg you to slow down” she continued screaming but I only increased the speed.

She held unto the handle of the car tight as she continued screaming.

Yes, that will teach her a lesson.


“Rico, please stop, stop I wanna purge” she screamed and I halted the car.

I don’t want her vomiting in this car.

She came down immediately, held her stomach and started vomiting.

I came out and leaned on the car watching her.


“Oh no!” She cried and sat down on the floor.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I didn’t no you hate me that much” she continued saying and I took out a wiper from the car and extended it to her.

“Here, wipe your mouth clean” I said and she rolled her eyes and collected it.

“Aren’t you the one that caused all this? If you didn’t drive on a high speed I won’t be feeling like this” she cried.

I sighed and went back into the car.

“Hey! Aren’t you getting in?” I asked but she ignored me and stayed on the floor.

“This is high way, cabs aren’t seen by this time. you’ll only see private cars so get in now” i said to her from the steering.


“So you can end what you started, huh!?”

“I aren’t going into that car alright” she replied frowning.

“Alright suite yourself then” I replied and drove off.

“Hey!” I heard her scream but ignored her.

She needs a big lesson.

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

Oh no! What kind of human is this?

Did he really leave me here?

Gosh I’m feeling really cold because I didn’t have time to grab a warmer.

And this place looks abandoned.


How? How on earth will I get home from here?

I don’t even no this way at all.

I sat up and started walking towards the direction we came from. I don’t even have a phone with




I continued walking and walking but couldn’t lift my leg well because of the cold.

Oh my sweet lord!

Seems am going to sleep on the street tonight. I aren’t even seeing private cars around here.

What such of punishment is this? Who sent me to follow him?


And he warned me.

Oh no!! I might even end up dead before they find me tomorrow tho to this excess cold.

I bent and folded my arms and continued lifting my legs.


I mean I have to try right?


I continued walking and noticed a private car coming.

I might as well try this out.


I started waving at the car but its drove pass me without stopping.

What type of shit is this?


About 15 minutes later I saw another private car coming and started waving it down and luckily for me it got to my side and stopped.

Oh thank you lord!!

Two guys that looked like racist or gangster or whatever appeared followed by another two.

They were all smoking.


Oh my! This is worse.


“Hello pretty lady, how can I be of help?” One of them asked and came to stand behind me.

I’m never asking for help from the people.


They might as well abduct me or better still rape me.

“No..nothing” I replied shifting back but the one at my back prevented from moving much.


“But you stopped us didn’t you baby?” One of them asked puffing out smoke into my face.



Holy shit!


I covered my nose so I won’t perceive the odour that much.

“You’re really beautiful baby” one of them said again and touched my hair.

“Please.. I don’t want trouble” I pleaded moving side ways but they still followed me.

“Yes, and we also don’t want complications. Why don’t you go with us and you’ll never regret it” one of them said again.

I became really afraid.


Damn! They were all looking terrifying.

This is what Rico caused!

If he didn’t leave me here then this couldn’t have happened.

“Please..just go” I pleaded again but they still didn’t listen.


If I run they are surely gonna catch me.


My legs were shaking from excess cold. I wasn’t wearing anything that could protect me from cold at all and the fear of what they are gonna do to me is making everything worse for me.

One of them made to touch me again and someone held his hand.

We all turned to look at the person and was Rico.

“Don’t dare!”he warned.

The guys look at there selves and laughed.

“She’s ours. We saw her first and we’ll give you a chance to leave here alive” one of them said and they all faced him.

“Get into the car” I heard Rico say and I quickly ran into the car.

“You’re coming with us” I heard one say.



“Yea, after we are done with bastard” one said again.


Rico’s POV

“If there is anyone dying here tonight then am sorry to say you’ll all be the one” I replied pointing at them.


“Hey, why are we even talking to him?” One of the stupid guys said and made to punch me but I dogged him and he fell on the floor.

One charged at me again and I got hold of his hand and turned it to the back and he yelled in pains.


“Aren’t you backing off? See I don’t have the energy to fight tonight” I told them but they didn’t listen and all charged at me again so I dealt with all of em.

I cleaned my hand with one of the towel I saw with them and throw it on their body.

“I warned you” I said and turned back to the car.

The car opened immediately and Kendra came to me.

“I thought I told you to stay…”

I couldn’t complete my statement because she slapped me immediately making my eyes widened.

Yea she slapped me in the chest.

“Are you…”


I wanted to say again but she hugged me this time.

“I thought you really left me. I was really scared.”

“Please don’t do that again” she cooed making me freeze.



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