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Episode 20

Babysitting The Bad


但[Our Nanny]


(Silly nanny)

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

“Rico?” I called starring keenly at him.

“Are you really okay? You don’t recognize me?” I asked somehow surprised.



Instead of replying me he stood up and went to open the door.

“Out!” He hushed and my eyes widened.

I stood up from the bed and starred at him in confusion.

Why is he suddenly behaving like this?

I don’t wanna drag you out kendra, he said glaring daggers at me.

Oh! He recognized me anyways.


“Rico..your mom…

I tried saying but he walked up to me.

“I don’t wanna drag you out, leave and shut the door behind you” he hushed and entered the bathroom.

I watched him enter the bathroom.

Why Is he this cold?


Nothing ever pleases him.


I sighed and took the tray then descended downstairs.

The maids were still busy arranging the house and the cooks were doing theirs.

“Kendra?” Mrs Rebecca called immediately she sighted me.

I walked up to her still holding the tray.

“Ma’am”_I answered.

“Why is your face like that? What happened? Talk to me” she asked.

“Nothing, its just that I’ve not been able to still handle the boys no matter how I try. I’m so sorry” I cooed gazing at the floor.

“Come on, kendra. You don’t have to be sad. Even I can’t really control them so wipe that frown off your face” she said smiling.


“And by the way, I thought you were supposed to stay with Rico. Why are you down?” She inquired.

“Well, he asked me out of his room but I still managed to make him drink this” I said showing her the tray.


She sighed and signalled for a maid.

“Take this” she ordered and the maid took the tray from me.

“Why don’t you go back when his a bit calm? He might be feeling a bit annoyed cause of what happened to him. Go back after some minutes” she said and I nodded and took the stairs to my



I need to change my uniform.

Rico’s POV

I got into the bathroom and washed my face.

I starred at the mirror in anger.

Why does she have to pretend to care?

She’s dating my enemy and she’s here showing silly sympathy.

I starred at the mirror for a while and felt pains all over my body.

I raised my top to have a proper look but as expected no bruises but it hurt like crazy.

I sighed tiredly and left for my room.

I couldn’t find her anymore but sighted her school bag.

Why did she have to leave the bag here?

I sat down on the bed reminiscing on everything that happened.

I started hearing a sound , its like a phone call.

I opened my drawers but it wasn’t any of my phone.

My eyes caught her bag and I went to take it.

Yea, the sound from coming from there.


I opened the bag and took out the phone.

Wait, isn’t this one of Cole’s phone?


What the hell is his phone doing with her?

Did he perhaps give her the phone?

I looked at the caller and it was unsaved number.

I sighed and dropped the phone carelessly on the floor.

I also kept the bag on the floor and the phone stopped ringing.

I closed my eyes trying to think about other things and the foolish phone started ringing again.



I took the phone and switched it off.

I was about to throw the phone to a couch nearby when the door suddenly opened.

I turned to see it was kendra.

“I thought I asked you out” I hushed as she closed the door and walked up to me.

The phone was still in my hand.

“Yea. But I came back” she replied and her eyes went to the phone I was holding.

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“Why are you holding that?” She asked and grabbed it from me.

Her eyes met with her bag on the floor and she took it.

She dropped the phone into her bag and sat down on one of the couch there.

“I see you don’t understand the word leave right?” I groaned but she kept starring at the ceiling.

I shook my head and sighed.


I think she has finally gone crazy.

“Why do you keep starring at the ceiling?” I asked but she didn’t reply.



“Hey! Can’t you hear me?” I asked but still no reply.

Then I decided to ignore her.

I removed the bedsheets duvet and lie on the bed.

“You can get out when you’re done starring at the ceiling” I cooed and lied flat on my tommy.



An hour passed and I didn’t hear any movement from her.

Has she left? I wondered and sat up to look at her.


What? She fell asleep on the couch?

Silly nanny!


What is wrong with her?

I stood up and walked towards her.

“Hey!” I called but she didn’t move.

“Hey!” I called again but still no movement.

Seems she has gone to wonderland.

I bent to her level and starred at her face.

She’s really pretty.


Part of her hair covered her eyes making her more beautiful.

I removed the hair covering her eyes and starred at her face real well.

Then my eyes moved to her small pinkish lip.

I closed my eyes and opened them.

F**k! What am I doing?

I returned to the bed and pulled one of the duvet out and went to cover her with it.


I bent properly to cover her but the worst happened.

Her eyes opened and she took her eyes to mine.

“What are you doing?” She asked and took her eyes to my hand on her waist side.



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