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Episode 15

Babysitting The Bad


但[Our Nanny]



( I want you to kiss me)

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

I paused immediately I saw him.

“His awake?” That means his all better.

“Ah, thank goodness!”


“But why are they starring at me like that?”


“Should I be the one doing the talking this morning?”

“I won’t, I don’t have the energy to talk to some set of bad boys.”

I walked pass him as he stood still starring.

“A maid brought in my food and I started eating without minding them.”

“Even the twins were looking at me.”


I’ve not taken my bath so I’ll have to eat fast.

I kept munching on my breakfast and within minutes I left the dinning.

“Funny thing is that non of them said anything to me.”

I got up to my room and had my bath real quick.

I wore my uniform and sat down in front of the mirror to apply little makeup on.

“Yea I succeeded in doing one job and am proud of it.”

I got out of my room and down to the waiting van.



“Kora was already waiting for me.”

“Hey girl! I greeted.”

“Hi kendra, she replied.”

“Um..kora can you tell me why the boys were acting strange at the dinning?” I asked curiously.

“Maybe because of what you did, she replied.”

“What did I do?”

“You don’t recall how you took care of Rico?” She asked.

“Of course I do, so why are they acting off?” I mean its my job right, I replied.

“Wait kendra…that reminds me, you took off his shorts and trouser by yourself right?” She asked almost whispering.

There was this kind of look in her eyes.

“Hmm what are you insinuating kora?” I didn’t see anything, I replied.

“That’s a lie, you took off his shorts how’s that possible? ”

“Well, it’s possible, I replied and throw my eyes away.”

“Is she expecting to hear a different thing?”

“Come on kendra.” Tell me please! You saw it right? Is it big,long,tiny or small? She kept on asking and I covered my ears with my palm.


Holy shit!


This girl is spoilt.



We arrived school and I ran out of the van before kora could catch up with me.

I kept on running and oops bumped into a someone.

“Sorry, I apologized immediately.”


“Who do we have here?” The girl I bumped into asked the girl beside her but I no that she’s referring to me.


“Its the almighty Cole’s girlfriend, the girl replied her and she chuckled.”

“Well, am glad its not Rico that you’re involved with else…..

She paused and smiled.

“Why don’t you ask around about Sheila?” She asked smirking widely.

“I don’t even understand em at all.”

“Okay, I replied and made to pass but she blocked me.”

“Lemme use this opportunity to warn you to stay clear Rico.” Tho I still don’t no why you live in their mansion but I’ll find out anyways, she said.

“Okay, I replied and made to leave but she blocked me a second time.”

“What the f**k is wrong with you??” I asked almost yelling.

“Get off, I added and pushed her off my part.”

I wanted to run away from kora and that manic is blocking my part. Not that I no her or understand what she’s uttering.

I ran off and got into the class.

I sat down in an empty sit I saw at the first roll.

“Kora won’t find me here. I need a break from her.”

“She has been singing inside my ear on the way.”

“Few minutes later she got in and started searching for me.”

I smiled and waved at her from the front and she frowned and took a sit at the back.



Lunch break.

“Cole had asked to meet me at a particular spot and kora has directed me there.”


I kept on walking following the direction she gave me.

I bumped into Rico on the way and walked pass him without.

“Thank goodness he saw me alone today.”

I kept on looking around as I followed the direction.

』Rico’s POV 』

I paused and turned back to look at her.

“Hmm do I need to thank her?”

“No need for that right?”

“I seriously don’t no why I couldn’t say what I wanted to say to her this morning.”

“Did she really change my dress?”

“Well, it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“Lemme bring myself down for once and see if I can apologize to her.”

I started following her until she climbed the stairs to the rooftop.


“What the hell is she going there for?”


“She continued going and I continued following her.”

I stopped when I spotted cole holding a drink.

” No one comes here apart from us both.”

“Yea he and I are the only ones that dares come here even when it was instructed that no student must be seen there.”

“Hey! I heard him say.”

“Hi, Kendra replied.”

“He dropped the bottle and cup he was holding and went to stand with her.”

“They talked about something which I couldn’t hear.”


I can’t still believe that she’s dating him.

Silly girl.


“Why on earth will she date him?”

“I kept watching them and few minutes later he lowered his lips and kissed her.”

“That bastard!”


“F**k him!”


I can’t watch them anymore.


I turned immediately and climbed down the stairs.

I was on my way when I bumped into Sheila.

“Hey cutie, she smiled as she hugged me.”

“Not now sheila, I groaned and made to move pass her but she held me tightly taking her hands to my d**k.”


“She kept playing with it turning me on.”

“Oh this bit*h!”


I’m gonna teach her a lesson.


I noticed we were closer to the restroom and I pulled her with me to the males restroom.

“Get out!! I yelled loudly and the boys there left the both of us.”

I angrily torn off her school uniform as I carried her and placed her on the small pavement that the mirror is built on.

I unbuckled my trouser and without wasting of time pulled down her short skirt and inserted my d**k into her wet p***y.

“She mourned closing her eyes as I stroked into her speedily.”

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”


Immediately cole placed his lips on mine I tried pulling away immediately but his hands were tight around my waist.

I couldn’t still let him.

I bite his lips and he immediately left me.

“Kendra! He called in shock.”

“Why are you pushing me away?” He asked getting annoyed.

We are dating aren’t we? He added.

“Yes, but its just that I aren’t ready cole. Am really sorry, I apologized.”

I didn’t ask you for s*x Kendra, I don’t see why you aren’t ready for a simple kiss, he groaned.

“Am sorry, I apologized again.”

“Yea I had to apologize.” That’s what you do when you’re in a relationship and I don’t want him suspecting anything.


“And the more reason is that am scared am getting to do that with him.”

I might not get my mind off it and probably fall in love with him if he kisses me.

“Kendra?” He called.

“Yes, I answered and looked at me.”

I want you to make it up to me, he said.

“I want you to kiss me.”


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