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A wife for the king – Episode 22


Pamilerin has never had so much fun in her life. It was Sunset by the time they drove back to their cabin. Alexander did not follow her into their room, as he was on a very important phone call. It may be his honeymoon but he is still a King first, with a kingdom to run. He wave his hand for her to go in, while he address whatever issue he has.

Their room has been tidied up by the housekeeper, leaving it spotless and everything in place. She toed off her shoes, removing her clothes as well . She run a warm bath for herself, the long walk they had makes her foot to ache a little, but she was having too much fun to feel the ache, and if she was being truthful shewas the one dragging Alexander around, excited like a little girl in the candy store. She soak in the bath for a while, secretly hoping and waiting for Alexander, but he didn’t.

Pamilerin towelled herself dry, leaving the bath. Its certain Alexander his still busy with the call, “it must be very important” she mutters to herself. Her stomach growl in the silence of the room, telling her it time for dinner. She was about to pull on a comfortable evening cloth when Alexander finally came in.

“We are going to town for dinner” discarding his shirt, preparing to take his bath. “Oh, i will change into something more appropriate then” she quickly, discard the gown, selecting a new gown from the dinner wear collections. She choose a green empress style dress, bringing out her curves


She decided to leave her hair down, making the weave on curls to frame around her oval face. Pamilerin put a little effort on her makeup, deciding to go with a red lipstick.

Alexander did a double take when he saw her, she looks like an enchantress. “Wow I think I need to get more bodyguards for you tonight, because you look ravishing in that dressβ€””

“You are funny” pamilerin chuckles, slipping on a strappy heel sandal.

He choose a black Suit with a crisp white shirt inside, looking like he a poster man for magazine ad.


The dinner reservation was in one of the best restaurant on the island. Like Alexander said, she caused a stare when they entered the restaurant.

“I told you Darling, everybody is looking at you” he mutters with a growl, as they were led to their table.

“I’m sure its you. You command respect anywhere you are” she retorts back, slipping into the seat that was pulled out for her.

“You are so naive, how could you not know how beautiful you are, I’m sure they are all wondering what a beautiful lady like you is doing with a scar faced man like me” he murmured, sounding a bit bitter.

“I’m sure they are not thinking that, and stop calling yourself scar faced, you are good looking” she finished, before going through the menu book.

It was a three course meal they had, by the time dessert arrived, pamilerin could not eat anything again.


It was great, spending time together, getting to know each other, by the time they got back to their cabin it was midnight already. She was feeling tired and sleepy, she may have had more than one glass of wine. Alexander seems to be refilling the glass for her at every point that her glass seems to be empty.

Pamilerin removes her cloth, changing into a night wear while Alexander went into the adjoin adjoining bathroom. She tried to keep her eyes opened, to wait for him but sleep soon claims her.

Alexander breath a sigh of relief when he came out and discovered pamilerin asleep. The wine must have done a number on her like he planned. It was the only way to escape from consummating his marriage. The long call he had earlier was with his Doctor, he is in dial need of a way out, and he will find it. He just need to find ways to go through this honeymoon without raising any suspicion, and if God answer his prayers, before their honey moon ends, it will be life changing.

He can’t remember the last time he prayed, since the death of his first wife. He does not even know howto start. He pulled on a loose trouser, gazing at her sleeping form, he draw the bed cover on her body, before slidding in beside her, careful not to wake her. Switching off the light. If miracle exists now is the timeto have one.




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