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A wife for the king – Episode 2


King Alexander Adegbade of Oniko kingdom, with estimated population of over one hundred thousand population, the kingdom is rich in oil and gold, their resources makes them indispensable to the government, and it brings lots of expatriate into their city for business. Alexander has even surpassed what his late father had done for the kingdom, with new businesses opening up, creating more jobs and making lives much better.

He knew his friend is up to something the moment he came in to his office , ” so what are you up to this time around ” he asked amusingly.

“What..can’t I come around to say hello to my friend turn king again?” Adebayo replied with feigned annoyance, “anyways I came to give you a good news old friend, I found a suitable temporary secretary for you, pending the time you will get a permanent one” he quickly rushed to explain.

Alexander was surprised with what he said , “wow that’s a pleasant surprise indeed I need a new secretary have just not found a suitable candidate, but thank you my


friend, so when is he coming so I can access him?” He enquired, resting his hands on the oakwood massive table.

“uhn..but it’s a she”

“What! But I don’t want a female I want a man and have specifically ask for that from the outsourcing teams, I don’t want any women hassle please ” he said, with a glare.

“But that is why I said it’s temporary, pending the time you will get a new one— a male one I mean, but if you insist i will just hire her for myself, I even need one myself, I just thought your own is urgent” Adebayo explained, ducking his head sideways to hide the mischievous grin on his face, sneaking a glance at Alexander as he struggles to reason with him on his decision.

“Alright then, who is she? And when is she coming ?” He conceded.

Adebayo drop a dossier of her information on the table for him to go through, “I see you have done a thorough check on her, but I can’t see a picture here?” He asked as he glances through Pamilerin’s information. Alexander could not shake the feeling that his friend is hiding something from him, with the way he is trying so hard to hide his grin..


“Okay spill it, you know I hate it when you hide things from me, what are you up to” he demanded.

Adebayo sighed , he could never hide anything from his friend, try as he may, the years they have spent together has made them to know each other so well.


. “Alright —and please don’t get mad, you know how we discuss how you should think of getting married again soon, we..ll I thought I can help out, so I found you a girl with good back ground that am sure you will like” He explained avoiding his gaze.

“Good gracious! you did what—but that’s outrageous , I can find my own damn wife. Wait a minute” pausing a bit, with his right hand raised, “Why do I feel that there is more?” .

“Well my king, the person is the lady I found for your secretarial position” holding his gaze.

“Good lord, have you lost your damn mind Adebayo, this is just crazy,” he feels like wringling his friend’s neck. He can be exasperating some times.

“So tell me, does she know?” He asked.

“No your majesty she didn’t. she is coming here as a favour , nothing more”.


“Wow it just keep getting better” releasing his breath. “Fine let me meet her and I will decide”, he sighed . he knows his friend is only trying to be of help. It’s important for him to get married soon indeed, if he did not want to pass the throne over to his nephew, He needs to produce an heir soon.

“I’m sure I can arrange that as soon as possible your Highness” he eagerly replied.

“alright then am sure I can spare some few minutes to meet her”.

He glanced through the file again after his friend had left, and noticed that she is involved in an empowerment programs . “Interesting choice of work for a past time” he muttered to himself before Droping the file into a drawer. He left his sit and stroll to stand at the glass window of his office over looking the garden area , but not really seeing anything, deep in thought , imagining his children running around on the field playing and having fun. The chiefs were worried, they have already asked him to hold an event and invite all the eligible singles of noble background, so he can select his choice and but he kept postponing it. It’s not like he did not want to marry again, nor is he still in mourning, but the accident left more than a scar on him, a secret that he has kept to himself for years.

A year after the accident he discovered that he just lost all interest in women, at first he thought it’s because of the tragedy, but two years down the lane he realised he is just not capable of performing s£xually again, he had met with different specialist and they all told him the same thing, that it is psychological, he will regain his ability back, but they don’t know when. Now the pressure is mounting from his council every day , he needs to act fast.

He can’t dally around again, Alexander sighed as he made a decision to hold an event as his chiefs had suggested, but first he wants to meet the lady that Adebayo found for him. he knew it will please adebayo as well. Its funny how easy it is to make decisions concerning his kingdom, but dragging his feet in making a personal one. Alexander paced around the tastefully furnished office, finally settling down again, to go through some reports on his computer.



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